View my complete profile. Well that is just crazy talk. This is my computer wallpaper. Anyway, it’s a decent show. P’tit fanart de Yoshino et Mahiro parce que franchement, qu’on se le dise entre nous, ils vont bien ensemble hein!? Sadece bazen gizemler beyninizi yakabiliyor onu soyliyeyim. The power of the internet compels

Yes it does reference Hamlet more than The Tempest, but it’s basis is meant to move between the two. I am not sure the tree would let you do that anyway I tried using alightmotion again.. Google GloZell1 on You Tube. One day, Aika mysteriously dies. Long story short, I found it odd for The Tempest to be the main focal point so I looked into it a bit and found out that a lot of the big Tempest productions in Western countries during the 90’s actually had Japanese directors, very little do with the anime, but I though it was interesting. Add staff members for this episode. Forum Discussion replies.

Burning this book now. Tell me in the comment! This is my computer wallpaper.

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Mahiro disappears, vowing to find the one responsible and make them pay zeysuen murdering his beloved sister. Now normally I would shit all over this show because it heavily references Shakespeare throughout and although I do enjoy old Wouldiwas Shookspeared, I do think that referencing the same fucking pieces over and over again is destroying the creativity of modern entertainment, I’m not going to do this for this one.


That’s why you’d want that person as your girlfriend, right? What do you pray for? Amnesia episode 6 Little Busters! If you haven’t seen it check it out. Nendoroid Kyoko Sakura comple Name some under-rated anime in your opinion? This was made entirely on CC, which is why it looks sorta choppy and the audio is odd. Mikatan’s Blog English Version.

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Culture Japan Malaysia’s Team 1 year ago. Forum Discussion replies. They try hard to display their radiance. Saying anything after someone’s death is far too late.

Add animcerazy for this episode. I highly recommend this show to anyone! Yoshino x Mahiro – Zetsuen no Tempest Tag your friend Hide Ads Login Sign Up.

Bundle 2 5 years ago. Samon’s thoughts are only in purple. Yoshino x Hakaze, Best wpisode in Zetsuen no Tempest. Ost, efektler ve savaslari gorebilmeniz icinde en sonda birinci bolumden bir sahne var.

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Dites moi en commentaire! Blast of Temptest is a great show.

Zetsuen no Tempest – Episode 18 –

Are you scared of bugs? Are giant killer trees possible? What would you like to edit?

However, we can hardly fool ourselves. The story plot is unique. Mahiro desaparece con el fin de encontrar al culpable y vengar la muerte de su adorada hermanita. I am not sure the tree would let you do that anyway Which one do u like most? I tried using alightmotion again. You meet someone you like, and you want to spend time together.

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