Or how you should take better care of chessboards. He left me not even time enough to gasp. With her subdued demeanor, it was often hard to guess what she was thinking. Did you say something? Could it be that she was mad because of all the times I had teased Mikoko-chan up to now? In the apartment parking lot, there was only a single bike, so it must have been hers. Is the project dead?

Before I knew it, my timing had been thrown off. There was nothing I was supposed to do, but plenty of things I wanted to. He finally showed up at 6: With another twist of the knife, he aimed it directly at my heart. It made it easy for me to talk to her—she was a great listener. Scooped it, ran home, and greedily read two pages And realized it was, yet again, another horrible representative of the ‘light novel. The five hundred twenty-five yen value combo. For five years, beginning with my second year of junior high school, I partic.

The mystery was fairly cookie-cutter, but the zaniness of dialogue and typical YA-feel of the book made it overall enjoyable. It has to do with a locked room murder occurring on an isolated island where a group of geniuses gathered with the island’s rich owner.

I mean, am I right or am I right? See ya at school, Emoto!


Not the kind of thing that warranted such judgment. I gave her a few taps on the cheek, but she refused to wake up. You should have a little more pride about your accomplishments. Does anyone else live in seroes apartment? They actually looked rather sad and lonely.

Okay, not that it was really all that enjoyable. Perhaps she was planning to just spend the night at Tomo-chan’s place.

[PDF] Read Zaregoto 1: Book 1: The Kubikiri Cycle by NisiOisiN – ePub PDF Mobi Book – coresebooks2

This was “Nisioisin’s” first novel, and I’ve also seen an anime based on a later work of his. The fact that she had asked only me seemed to indicate such. The mystery itself was interesting, if lnline bit convoluted.

It was about time for the dining hall to start filling up, and students began trickling in, their numbers gradually increasing. I just couldn’t zaregtoo into it. Well, then you want to talk about class?

Mikoko-chan was spunky enough to begin with, but when she was inebriated she was four times as bad. Or did you just get to bed? But in that case, the name thing seemed kind of dubious. It took me awhile to read just because I never felt like it very much, even though I liked it a lot. At that time, the head of the family left her with a small severance package which was probably still an unimaginable sum to a regular Joe like me and this island, floating around in the Sea of j.


I was the type who preferred doing personal things, like eating, alone, but there were plenty of people who viewed mealtime and talk time as one and the same.

We just called and he was still at home.

Zaregoto Vol 1 Chapter 1

Maybe she was a little more subdued than most. That explained the need for sunglasses. Apr 15, L. This series looks really interesting and I really want to read it. Why are you really here?

She rested her tiny head on my right shoulder, with our bodies stuck together, her slender arms wrapped around my rfad. Tomo sleeping at nighttime? If this makes you think of western Young Adult novels, then you’re not far off the mark. He’s walking right in front of me. My feelings at that point were probably pure and simple confusion.

The time was 7: As usual, she was dressed in a jinbei.

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