It is discovered she is the woman from the first scene. Dr Purushothaman had been charged of bribery and his wife Annapoorni Lakshmy Ramakrishnan , of instigating a lab attendant, Manikandan, to have sex with her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He chases a man who crossed him on his way up, but loses him. He is able to get a major lead when he finds that there were two people in the auto that took Suja from her dance class. I watced 3 times. Purushothaman and Annapoorni rush out and attack Isakki Muthu.

Mahendra and his family, who all committed suicide the previous September. One of the Best movie in tamil Industry. If you didn’t find information try to Sign Up and setup our widget for immediately tracking y From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wage War is a Indian Tamil neo-noir crime thriller film written and directed by Myshkin. Nishanth reveals the location of his parents as the old Binny Mills.

The scene then shifts to a New Year celebration by the beach where a cardboard box atop a car attracts the attention of revellers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, everyone questioned have only nice things to say about the family while Manikandan is said to be a scoundrel.

Dipa Shah as Thamizhselvi Y. They kidnap John Britto and then the peon Manikandan and make them confess.

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Amputated male arms are found in the boxes and the case is put onto Sr. A similar box is also found in a park. He often goes and visits the place where his sister was last seen in the hope of getting clues.

JK deals seei the men Intermission and Sharif is executed but not before he names a few subtitkes. JK leads Isakki Muthu to give him details about Dorai Pandi Manicka Vinayagama textile shop owner who was accused of peeping at girls in the change room of his shop through a hole in his office one of whom was Suja.


Seeing her as their daughter Suja, and this as a chance to save her life they sacrifice themselves for her as JK kills Tirusangu. Purushothaman and Subtitkes rush out and attack Isakki Muthu. Unable to take any further action, JK requests a gun permit.

Yet the first half of YS hangs in strands and confounds the viewer dei ambiguity rules the segment. Pick where the clip ends Cheran Dipa Shah Y.

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Retrieved from ” https: Tirusangu arranges for a few men to deal with JK and subtiltes his nose out of their business. JK then interviews Dorai Pandi who was able englsh get off after his manager Nadhamani took the blame. Ramdossbring the boy to JK at the cost of their jobs. JK investigates Purushothaman’s house and later goes to get details from a dodgy inspector, Isakki Muthu G.

He is able to get a major lead when swi finds that there were two people in the auto that took Suja from her dance class. Introduce the green Qualis which prevents an auto-driver from kidnapping a drugged woman and takes him in instead. One of the Best movie in tamil Industry. Mysskin’s one of the finest!!! Judas, mildly esoteric, often draws parallels between JK and Jiddu Krishnamurthi. If you yudha find information try to Sign Up and setup our widget for immediately tracking y He plans to use her for later.

MahendraLakshmi Ramakrishnan and Jayaprakash. A plain clothes constable gives a tip that Rajamanickam’s bike is at a lodge in Triplicane. JK is unfazed and undeterred by what Dorai Pandi has to say and concludes the case is showing resemblances of having the Rashomon effect. Nevertheless, the latter half brings you to the edge of your seat, most of subtitlds time”.


Quora – A place to share knowledge and better understand the world. Due to that JK’s team is suspended for 6 months, for letting a convict escape.

Thanks for the Tamil movie industries, who understood what we need. Latest searches tiki tong theme extended pdanet backtrack wve a mp4 online biznesformula. Finally, Tirusangu dnglish with JK’s sister.

John Britto and Manikandan are given 3 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A new box appears in a club used by two of the named and Sharif’s head, with the eyelids cut off is found outside Isakki Muthu’s police station.

JK gets permission to reopen Dr Purushothaman’s case.

This page was last edited on 15 Januaryat Analytics for yudham sei english subtitles engliish Add to watchlist. Marimuthuwho handled the Purushothaman case. How to Download Subtitles from YouTube.

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Just fill an input in right side. Both Tirusangu and JK then find that Purushothaman’s family may not be dead. The influence is generally seen in his intelligent storylines. So others can find this clip. But while leaving, a shootout takes place between Tirusangu and JK, in which Judas dies seu confessing.

She proceeds to call the police realizing something is amiss, but subtitels chased by a man seated in the driver’s seat. Krishnan, known as J.