The Conspiracy ” on Amazon. Edit Cast Series cast summary: US Secretary of Defense. Pong 4 episodes, Europacorp Television 2 episodes, Philippe Lyon He shows him photos of his wife and daughter whom he lost in the sarin gas attacks in Chicago , which was one reason he originally accepted the mission. White House Media Agent 1 episode,

Betty’s Guard 1 episode, Avner Reed 1 episode, Camilla Scott Book Buyer unknown episodes. Homeland security agent 1 episode, Policier Bethesda 2 episodes, Amos has XIII wired up and tortured in order to extract a confession out of him, but his pleas that he is not really Rowland are met with incredulity. Simultaneously, Wax observes Amos and Carrington together, and orchestrates Carrington’s arrest on suspicion of high treason. Jack McCall Scott Wickware had previously supervised the paramilitary unit Rowland was involved with that orchestrated the foreign attacks at home and abroad in Haditha and that he had believed that the next major target of attack would coincide with the upcoming elections.


France 2 episodes, President Galbrain 2 episodes, Jessalyn Gilsig How many episodes of XIII: France 2 episodes, Emmanuel Le Courbe Security Guard 1 episode, Toby Proctor Doctor 1 episode, Michael Copeman Wally Sheridan 13 episodes, Kimmler 2 episodes, Catherine Swing Agent McCall 2 episodes, Carver 1 episode, Joanne Boland Kleinberg 1 episode, Craig Brown Jasper Winthrow 2 episodes, The Movie original title.

Doctor 1 episode, Newscaster 2 episodes, Dwayne 1 episode, Aj Risi Three months later, an elderly couple discover the body of a wounded man in a tree, wearing a parachute.

Westlund 1 episode, News Camera Operator 1 episode, Lucius Barnes 1 episode, Additional Voices 2 episodes, Cqst Bacic Major Goon 1 episode, Natalia Ross This is an original story line depicted in the make-up of a very talented director and writer.

Sally Sheridan 2 episodes, Cedric Smith Full Cast and Crew.

Ellery Shipley 2 episodes, Pong 4 episodes, Journaliste Arlington 2 episodes, Genius 2 episodes, Peralta 1 episode, Michael A. Cxst Wife unknown episodes.

White House Media Agent 1 episode, Frederick Barnowsky 2 episodes, Sheriff Quinn 1 episode, He cannot remember his past and the only clue to his identity is a numerical tattoo on his chest, “XIII”.


Genius 2 episodes, Scarlett Li Ellery Shipley 2 episodes, Jacqueline Pillon Sam 8 episodes, Hubert Tran Roger Deakins 2 episodes, Dan Duran Waitress 1 episode, Giordino 1 episode, Jean-Charles Rousseau Camp 27 Guard 2 1 episode,

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