No, it’s not grass anymore. I think we all know that’s not a good idea. Uh, some friend of yours brought you a steak lunch. Or should I call you Miguel and Adam? Get an apple, and then we can shmeek. She didn’t thart it?

Because you threw away something special. Trouble arises when Lisa brings the guys their bill. Where you gonna find a new drug dealer? List of Workaholics episodes. The girl with the dragon tattoo is going to kill us. Ders is a cop! The three feel responsible and invite the two to stay with them. I’m stabbing the [bleep] outta my tongue, dude.

All three wind up falling in love with the girl.

I am a hungry, hungry dromane. I have a very cut-offable dick. Retrieved June 1, Yeah, that was kinda rude, ma’am. This season was split into two parts with each part consisting a total of 10 episodes. Montez becomes closer with Waymond and Jet Set. It’s so much workaholicx. They cannot get in contact with their drug dealer, Karl, and Adam suggests they go to a tattoo parlor to search for a new drug workahollics.

She is quickly replaced with Travis Daniel Sterna crazy boss who forces the gang to take their penises out to prove their manhood. The time for talking is done. This space is for customers. Oh, Rancho Cucapizza is having a little promotional eating contest, and the winner gets Read that bottom line there. Think of the time on Friends when Rachel discovered Monica went shopping for clothes with someone else and the ensuing scene made it seem like they were in a relationship and Monica had cheated on Rachel.


What’s the girl with the dragon tattoo gonna do to us? Well, workahilics what washed ashore at the grossest beach I’ve ever been to.

Well, it said, uh, wins free pizza for a year! Got some vital information for you.

True Dromance

I am a cop. You guys didn’t have to do this. Well, maybe that’s part of the problem, Karl. Adam dismisses Blake’s idea for an unburnable flag, so Blake joins a teenage art collective with Karl.

Their solution is two parts. Dromabce tents, if you’re into spiritual journeys? That’s a lot of stinks. The second is to smoke weed, or grass as Anders now likes to call it, so they get the munchies. I don’t like leaving him with his thoughts.

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That is good, very good. All drug dealers have tattoos, right? Then I take that hatchet over there, and I take off my eromance, and I scratch it on my chest, and I say, “pay me, bitch!

Don’t do this, Karl! Instead, Alice agrees they may hold a service for “Homegirl”. After seeing a commercial about a blind woman who makes the best breakfast burritos only miles away, the dudes go on a midnight road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito. Sincerely, you know who. I mean, that’s agh!


They decide to throw a pool party and Karl in a spoof scene similar to Good Will Hunting. From a story standpoint, this was a pretty basic—yet classic—plot development.

At work, he eats Montez’s yogurt and hits it off with Jillian. The guys then find out her IP address so they can find her and rescue her from her webcam life. I don’t give a [bleep] what your old dealer used to do.

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Uh, epieode friend of yours brought you a steak lunch. I don’t like how she always puth uth down episove we’re trying to better ourthevles here. Okay, Alice, start the clock. Zeke, we gotta give you a rain check on that boooww shmeeeckin’. I think we all know that’s not a good idea.

A lot of comedies have relied on using double entendres to make certain scenes play funnier. Are we just gonna let him go? And who are the idiots here?

It seemed like there was no time between you telling us that we owed you money and then you beating us up, throwing us in drmoance van. I’m going to college.