I, Leavving, is hosting a Black and White contest! I so mad on Wolf. I really appreciate you and tell them 5 reasons why and make there day. Check it out, you can:. Halloween count down 4 days! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

So try running for him.. Play Woozworld from your mobile device or computer Courtesy of Woozworld. So yes, we have heard of the disease of “Zombeardtosis” going around Woozworld. Thursday, 16 October Seriously? Less than 2 days ago, Vickytje was in a tight relationship with Dona, and now she and Artur are back together? Hope you can survive!!!

Like I’m soo mad on Glitz. You have all seen that someone has had problems with Xsolla just now Kristina rage quit because of mvoie payments have gotten declined: Let us know in the comments section below! What do you Woozens think? That dude is messed up.

I mean he made an unitz for Glitz, but Armiin ruined it.

Thursday, 16 October Seriously? Newer Posts Older Posts Home. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Be sure to come at 4pm Wooztime!! Saturday, 18 October I’m Sorry. Name calling was going on, people blaming people, jealousy remarks, and much more hate!

Brittanyh has one of the most popular Unitz on Woozworld… She is one of our dear friends here at WoozFun. There was a huge argument going on between Dash dasher and Glitz Glitz7!


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I’m having my grandparents from Texas come in tomorrow for a week, and I’m not allowed on Woozworld or the computer starting tomorrow: I didn’t get my cure D: With that, Lat and Kait had the idea to get some more auditions in on Sunday the 30th of December at 4: Bullies call her Glitch because they say she glitches her fame and friends and wooz and everything.

The first set hotror these auditions were on Friday the 28th of December, but with such a huge queue, not many people auditioned. Tell us your thoughts! And more news is that I’m sick in real: I know this isn’t about WoozWorld but look at this!! Good luck with that Ripleyw.

Create your own virtual dream life! Hope you can survive!!! Omg the leafs strike again go leafs go! Be on the lookout for this new film!

Leavvings Black And White contest, save it under there, and message me. When you are done with the photo, create an album: Asia’s Ex-Boyfriend I think.

Asia status says ‘I have been waking up alone lately’ drama is everywhere.


Woozworld Color Codes

I loved Ultimate Pay more. It’s the walking dead! Btw Sasuke is mine. Exuse that XD Kinda rhymes I hate the thing that we need to pay for the cure. I only got Eva hair and I didn’t get the cure. I don’t even know what’s next anymore.

It’s very odd omg! And Glitz didn’t come online even. This multiplayer virtual world is a whole other online life, and it’s available hprror your phone or tablet – you can get Woozworld on any iOS 7 device as well as accessing it on your computer.

Woozworld Burst

Can you believe it?! I’m sooooo sorry I haven’t been on lately, I got a bad ear infection Saturday and it hurt to get up.

Now some of you are like: This has lasted for an hour: Also, who is dumb enough to hogror through unitz? So there you have it, Woozens! Thursday, 2 October Im Scared

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