Another guy was her 8th grade friend. I want to watch it too!!! Woojung Ep 6 Eng Sub Please thank them there!!!!!! Moms Diary Episode an hour ago. This is their website: Dream Team Season 2 Episode 3 years ago. Happy Together Episode will air on 23h0 Thursday, Feb 28, Anyways it’s held by a children’s charity called green shelter.

I wonder what would Eunjung do for that day, I hope they have WGM shoot on that day or the day before or the day after. Sign In Sign Up. I wonder if it showed them telling stories about his past girlfriends. Sorry it was driving me nuts listening to him sing that song because I liked musicals. Posted May 18, The only exception being that MC guy who was with 2 wives one of whom was Taeyeon. Will someone please release subs for ep.

This couple is very cute and interesting to watch. I’m a huge fan of the Woo-jung Couple! My Little Television Episode 29 3 years ago. There were seriously too many male friends in that segment. Every Question Episode 2 years ago.

The pick those subz and sparks just fly. Or it could be a few days later, on Eunjung’s movie premiere!


Eun Jung & Jang Woo

Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, Love meaning me, Love meaning you, We’ll make that one dream come true! By sugarplum Started March 4, Englidh one day closer to saturday!

I hummed throughout my weekend with that song. And when despair Tears me in two, Who can I turn to But you? Take me as I am.

A mini-series would be fine Khikarugal they left to order some food and Jangwoo wants Eunjung to go with him and one of the friends told Eunjung to stay seated and because she just follows Jangwoo that’s why he says he’s already captured her.

Son In Law Edition Episode 3 years ago.

WGM Woojung Couple Episode 18

I wonder if it showed them telling stories about his past girlfriends. Add and Subtract Game. Thank you everyone for the updates. I loved ep 6 and I can’t wait for this weekend. Safety First Episode 3 years ago. LOL why did they leave at the end when the friends sat down with them?

The guys all knew woojuny other and one of them was his primary school mate. Three Meals a Day Season 2 Episode 9 3 years ago. I hope they both do a single together!!! King Of Mask Singer Episode 2 hrs ago.


Dream Team Season 2 Episode 3 years ago. Running Man Episode will air on 17h00 Sunday, Mar 03, Jang Woo is cute, looks like 17years old boy from high school.

You know who I am This is their website: Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27, Where did they inform that? Knowing Brother Episode 80 episodee years ago. I’m curious, what coup,e ABC Mart? Someone you know, Or just a stranger? Thank you so much for translation,news,pics and everything about this lovey-dovey couple BUT why PD didnt show the scene they re holding hand in the previous preview???

Can someone send me WooJung couple in Ep. Though fate won’t always do What we desire – Still we can set The world on fire!