Nevertheless, Jimmy has never deviated from his claim that he is able to substantiate Jean Hill’s eyewitness statement, which was given to an ABC TV reporter within an hour of the assassination. Courson one of two mid-motorcade motorcycles –“The limousine came to a stop and Mrs. By decelerating from an already slow He thereafter got on the radio and communicated with the other vehicles, stating that they desired to get the President to the hospital immediately [in reality, Greer did not talk on the radio, and Greer went on to deny ever saying this during his WC testimony] Greer stated that they the Secret Service have always been instructed to keep the motorcade moving at a considerable speed inasmuch as a moving car offers a much more difficult target than a vehicle traveling at a very slow speed. Front seat driving a Texas Ranger.. I knew the reaction was to run forward.

If I remember now, I just don’t remember how I knew, but I knew we were in trouble. Nevertheless, Jimmy has never deviated from his claim that he is able to substantiate Jean Hill’s eyewitness statement, which was given to an ABC TV reporter within an hour of the assassination. Then the cars roared off “; “I’ve maintained that they stopped. Lastly, here is a coloured version: Kennedy, oh my God, oh my God. Now everywhere that you read about it, you don’t read anything about the car stopping. When I got out I knew I better get around the corner.

In short, Greer had survivor’s guilt. Wiemgan am interested in the area of the pergola shelter area where Zapruder was filming. She spoke forcefully about the car almost coming to a stop and the lack of proper reaction by the Secret Service in Posted May 21, edited.

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He did not react to it. I didn’t know who all was hurt, even. So that it was your reaction to accelerate prior to the time– Mr. Posted 28 March – The Bell Telephone press pool car. Are you able to recollect whether you saw the President after the shots as you were proceeding toward Parkland Hospital?


It started to move, then it slowed again; that’s when I saw Mrs.

After the third shot, the car in which the President was riding increased its speed and went under the freeway overpass and out of sight. The car had slowed down enough for me to jump out.

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On hearing this noise he glanced to his right toward Kellerman and out of the corner of his eye noticed that the Governor appeared to be falling toward his wife [notice that Greer now mentions nothing about seeing JFK hithe does the same thing in his undated report in the WC volumes 18 H ] He thereafter recalls hearing some type of outcry after which Kellerman said, “Let’s get out of here. I’d better run around there and see what was happening.

Kennedy, oh my God, oh my God. If that weren’t enough, the ARRB’s Tom Samoluk told me that, during the course of an interview he conducted in in which the Board was in the process of obtaining Powers’ film, Powers said that he agreed with my take on the Secret Service!

As usual I request that viewers tell me whatif anythingthey think they see. I heard a second firecracker-type noise SA Greer had, as I jumped onto the Presidential automobile, accelerated the Presidential automobile forward. Yes, sir; just as soon as I turned my head [ ] Mr. I did not know if the President had been hit, but I knew something was wrong. Kennedy was on the back.

It seems to me that it started back up by the time he got to the car “[“No More Silence” by Larry Sneedp. Phil Marilyn Willisafter the fatal head shot, “she stated the Presidential limousine paused momentarily and then sped away under the Triple Underpass.


My Webpage The reason I make this request is based on the following: However, is it not possible that a recently oiled rifle barrel will emit a puff of smoke, even if the gunpowder is of the smokeless variety? I couldn’t ascertain the source. Kennedy, as soon as I saw it[?

He pointed out that on numerous occasions he has attempted to keep the car moving at a rather fast rate, but in view of the President’s popularity and desire to maintain close liaison with the people, he has, on occasion, been instructed by the President to “slow down”. No, sir; I didn’t see anything of the President, I didn’t look, I wasn’t far enough around to see the President.

Did Dave film more than just the smoke? Some Secret Service men reached into their car and came out with some sort of machine gun. I couldn’t really say. Many are looking forwards towards the presidential vehicle while some are gazing back at the vehincles coming in their direction.

I didn’t mean to do it[?!?! No, sir; I didn’t know how badly he was injured or anything other than that. It seemed to him that the automobile almost came to a halt after the first shot.

As we neared the car it sped off.