Retrieved March 29, There was a very nice moment between Peter and Keller where they talk about the nature of Peter’s relationship with Neal. The FBI believe Teddy is dead, but Diana is not fooled, goes to the warehouse, and finds the hideout. Even though the series is done, the pursuit continues. Archived from the original on April 1, Keller ran off, but it wasn’t long before Peter Tim DeKay found him and shot him when he tried to take a hostage. Neal then learns that the Dutchman has filmed the heist and plans to blackmail him into committing further crimes for him. Meanwhile, the FBI figure out that the Panthers’ target is a plane bringing hundreds of millions in cash back from Europe, to a random airport determined by the stolen algorithm.

Life really has moved on. In the ensuing confrontation, James kills Pratt with Peter’s gun and escapes, leaving Peter to be arrested for the murder with all the physical evidence against him. The next day, Peter and Jones visit Griffith’s house, and on discovering Jacobi there, they arrest him. Peter turned the corner to see a visibly weakened Neal being put into ambulance at which point Neal told Peter — finally — that he was his best friend. They pose as the maker and potential buyer, respectively, of counterfeit whisky, and are able to prove that the younger Dennis killed Ellen. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Neal uses his new position in the FBI to find clues that will eventually lead him to Kate, the man with the ring, and the truth.

With Peter’s help, Neal is able to get away with his theft of the painting and faces the committee, telling them and later Peter that whether he is released or not, he plans to cillar working for the FBI because he now has a purpose and a life. Jill now works for a secretive division of the FBI and wants Peter’s help in buying a computer chip, potentially of great use to enemy nations, from a hacker now living in Manhattan.

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She tries to arrest Mozzie but suddenly goes into labor. But Dennis is killed in custody, showing that the law enforcement conspiracy is still in operation. Views Read Edit View history. With a high-tech scanner diverted from the forgery investigation, Neal, Mozzie and James determine the exact location of Ellen’s evidence box.

After all these years and all the back-and-forth between these two characters, why was it important fibale end things on that note?


She was a tutor for the real son before he vanished, and in talking to the alleged son about art she begins to mkzzie that he is an impostor. And in that moment, I think he realized, for the first time in his life, that he had a friendship with someone who was actually remotely stable and had a healthy sense of boundaries and was someone who he knew that he could learn a lot about being a good human being from.

Hagan is free, and he gives Neal 48 hours to steal one chapter of a mysterious book on display at a museum. He needs Neal to steal it back.

The interpol agent reveals ,ozzie the man with the ring is in the FBI. Diana gives a fake drive to the client, who incriminates himself and is arrested, whote a slight hitch when the real Rebecca texts him that she is in custody. Over the course of their investigation, Peter is kidnapped and must be found before he is killed which inadvertently forces Neal to deal with his feelings from losing Kate. After teaming up with the mob, Peter and Neal take the adoption lawyer John Larroquette into custody.

It would be the last words the two would ever exchange as Peter and Mozzie Willie Garson are seen standing over Neal’s dead body in the morgue — by far the episode’s most emotional moment. Peter and Jones know they are up to something, and Peter finds evidence of the fake FBI office they created to deceive her. The next day, Peter and Jones visit Griffith’s house, and on discovering Jacobi there, they arrest him.

Peter winds up befriending the suspect upon discovering that the U. I liked playing on that vagueness, but then Matt and Tim had come to me and said, whire have this ending.

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We probably had more stories to tell. Peter and Neal discover a corrupt judge working with Fowler, and devise a plan to take them down. Gosh, that would be fun.

Once he has the information he handcuffs her and tells her the FBI are on the way. When trying to resolve a kidnapping, Neal is apprehended by an old friend and is forced to play his game to save the one who was kidnapped. In the end Peter gets reassigned. The FBI investigates a murder and a mysterious coded list and Neal catches up with Alex Hunter Gloria Votsisan old friend who might know something about the music box, but isn’t too keen on Neal’s connection with the FBI.


There was a very nice moment between Peter and Keller where they talk about the nature of Peter’s relationship with Neal. Peter then shows the mpzzie box to Neal, and Neal reveals the key Alex gave him. You can always think of things that could have happened or would have happened, but I was always really excited on those days, to do those scenes, because I knew something fun was going to happen and Tim was going to finxle me with something, and that we would both have a smile on our face, at the end of the scene.

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And we were lucky enough to have Jeff, who was willing to listen to us, and we were able to listen to him and just bounce ideas off of each other. Luc finds out Neal is hiding something and decides to disobey Peter and leave Keller on the operation. He and Neal had great success as a team. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! The Panthers assign Neal whife steal a stamp about to be auctioned by an Argentine woman.

Retrieved July 20, Agent Kramer Beau Bridges tries to sabotage Neal’s commutation while Neal tries to fix a mistake from his past.

On September 25,USA Network renewed the series for a episode fifth season, [90] but this was later reduced to That was a scene whits took a great deal of thought just because there were so many things between them that could be said. They discover that one of the panels allows secret messages in Chapter 13 to be read, but only in the real Chapter 13, not their copy. Business relationship and friendships were created that will last a lifetime.

On September 27,White Collar was renewed for a 16 episode third season, [39] which began June 7, While helping Sara Hilarie Burton resolve an insider trading scandal, Neal saves the life of the alleged perpetrator’s widow Laura Vandervoortfiale he has to stay undercover with her to help prevent weason theft of her insurance settlement.

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