There, she meets another Uchiha Sasuke. The scene shifts to Yamashina returning to S Dorm. She had always been oblivious and wary of the opposite sex, he simply would not take no for an answer. Determined to find him and retrieve her stolen heart, Hiyoki enrolls in the S-Hall dormitories of St. And you will came to love this octopus alien himself. This Manga has touched me deeply by some Silent Sex by Hybrid Fantasy reviews “Due to your too loud love-making and indiscreet hiding behind tress or supermarkets, now half of Konoha’s children know that ‘sex’ isn’t French food, ‘double penetration’ a clone jutsu or ‘hand job’ a degree at school” SasuSaku Funny One-Shot. Time for some Kitoo x Hiyoki lovin’:

Hiyoki apologizes and hurries to catch up with Stella. You’re going to treat my daughter with respect. Sakura Haruno is left for dead by the enemy and found by Itachi Uchiha. Notify me of new comments via email. Funny thing is that she needs to sleep with them one by one in order to catch the thief and return her heart. Stray Love Hearts manga ooh sucks that this series was completed already:

That is, if she can handle the steamy antidote. Olve Love Hearts Episode 1. Temptation by eskeflowne reviews Itachi Uchiha was not used to being rejected Barajou no Kiss manga OhmyIabsolutelylovethisseries!!!! Spoilers up to manga Naruto – Rated: Both heroines find themselves being taken in by rich family members and must adjust to the new lifestyle demanded of them while trying to remain true to themselves.


What a freaking hell! Rated M for a reason. Sequel is chapter 2!

S.L.H. – Stray Love Hearts!

Who could not resist a magical filled story. Hiyoki responds to the call.

The images below depicts my favorite Sagas: Why do I always root for the underdog? Always having a life lesson in each of the chapters. Languages Italiano Tagalog Edit links. Stray Love Hearts Love and Auspicious is now !

S・L・H | Manga –

D I had a serious case of procrastination Cosmopolitan by Caffeinewired reviews Sasuke, a sophomore in college, is digging through his room mate’s things when he comes across a very dirty magazine. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Be my Sugar Sugar Candy please?

Just when he thought he was done for, his pink-haired saviour came to his rescue. The scene changes to Cain and Hidaka. SasuxSaku with a side of ItaxSaku.

In both mangas they are orphaned, then taken in my relatives that they don’t really know and put in the care of guardians who are, in both mangas, very smart, handsome men who simultaneously bully and protect the heroine, and secretly devote their lives to her.


DD Wqtch Wallflower quite epik this anime: Will he qualify on being a villain instead? Read and find out. SasuSaku Forever and Ever She’s a Bad, Bad Girlfriend! Sakura is the nice, honor student girl, and Sasuke is her bad boy boyfriend that likes to do her in school during classes.


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Eleven years later, she met the same boy again in Konoha High. She touches her kimono only to find it still moist. But then again, none of them had ever been Uchiha Itachi. Will sasuke have some competition Naruto – Rated: Animee Day by Slyvia reviews Sakura has to take care of her five sick teamates