I thought the awards sucked omg, giving myolie and Kevin three awards each was so overdoing it. Truely Sheren tang was the most fit for best actress haha. I am too busy with these 2 cases. I was convinced Fala was gonna get it. The way she handed her witness to Barrister Law to shred to pieces. Like a walk on guest? Used without permission but without intent of infringement for non-profit, educational purposes only.

Kevin Cheng Presenter was awesome! I really hope that Ron Ng will win the award but maybe because of his scandal with Vivian. So… George has a powerful father, who probably was a celebrated barrister turned judge and probably the highest ranked one before he retired. December 6, at 2: By sugarplum Started January 20, LOS40 en directo, la emisora de radio musical ms escuchada del pas. Yes, I want that opportunity.

Based on ratings FH3 should have won but based on fans shouldnt it have gone to Ghetto justice? But could be the old one.

Neverthesless, congrats Kevin- keep it up!! I loved everything about it.

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The driver switched on the air conditioner. If there wasn’t Francis, then there juatice be me today. Rucco Chan The Other Truth 3. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the veterans we saw in those goldies?


Why are all the names so funny? And thanks for compliment. Yes, Jazz seems to really look up to Kevin in real life and also very protective of him.

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The Other Truth 4. Will you not collaborate with Bosco anymore? Haha but winning for Law Ba is just perfect, he really played the role well. Urghhh though to the stains on his dirty shirts. But I do feel that he is more talented when it comes to hosting and music of cos. Did Myolie Wu just win 3 Awards?

And since George is so close to Law Ba, uncle must have been close to nephew. Sharon Chan Ghetto Justice 2. I worked hard to earn my living!

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But she totally makes up for it with her super sweet Best Actress speech to Bosco. He wants to know if you agree? By virtue of her association with Mr. Those are good too. KUI has been found guilty of manslaughter but not murder. I suppose jutice wants his son to have an open mind. Fu is dressed as the lady justice on top of the old Bailey that you see in those commonwealth courts or any court for that matter.


It was funny that she took off her heels for Felix as she promised she would if she won.

What about our local shows or the Singapore ones? Escuchar radio online 40 principales colombia free. I would to heard from you and your thoughts about some of tvb series old an new alike azdramma well as about Charmaine Sheh series…Thanks. Soon after Fuk Yuen Restaurant reported her to the police, she was charged with theft. Or time and poverty have been cruel to her? Raymond Wong Twilight Investigations. Anyway just episode 5 and already quite a lot of things happened and yet the intro on the characters main ones are still ongoing.