Winona, a sassy and spunky girl is just diagnosed with lupus, Bong, a guy who secretly loves her, will do everything for her to live to the fullest before she expires. Quiet gay living in ‘Bwakaw’ Published Rene Eddie Garcia lives in an old house filled with boxes, all labeled with names. Steph Asuncion and Tonio Bugayong were once in love. D’ kilabots pogi brothers weh? Astro Mayabang HDRip admin 1 year ago 9. Kilig Pa More admin 2 years ago 4. In a crowded, multi-appartment house, a young student peeps on his neighbours making love and subsequently develops a steamy affair with the neighbour’s wife.

On the streets of Barangay San Jose, one game rules the streets – Patintero. Case in point, that scene where Rene tries the coffin he had to take home with him for size. The son of a wealthy man, Junior has everything he could On May 27, , the whole world watched as 20 local and foreign tourists were abducted from the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan, transported across the Sulu Sea via a fishing boat, and then held hostage in Basilan. But will they succeed in defeating it? Here, the pessimism about life is perfectly caustic, and the moment Garcia as Rene is allowed the emotion of love, in those instances that brought him to tears, you cannot but be carried by its intensity, that is vehement and painful at the same time. Steph Asuncion and Tonio Bugayong were once in love. However, her perspectives turn degrees when she meets the man who unexpectedly changes her life.

Jun Lana as Jun Robles Lana. Please update your browser to view this media content. Eddie Garcia stars as a lonely gay man in his 70s who cares for a stray dog he named bwakaw.

A whimsical comedy about three women who cry at funerals, professionally. There was no need to be kinder than he felt like being. The ties that bind this family go beyond language, race, culture, food, and even blood. Bound by a stubborn affection and the utmost respect for each other, despite their quirks and idiosyncracies — the Woolworth fami September 9, Philippines Director: Movir comes across Dawn, a Filipino-American An overseas worker comes home from Saudi and finds that coming home is harder than he thought it would be.


The refrigerator is unbelievably heavy.

And I mean an old man, living in some small provincial barangay, living in a decrepit old house, and living as he waits to die. However, strange things start to happen inside the house particularly in the kitchen where an old, antique refrigerator can be found.

A family trip suddenly goes bad when they got lost in somewhere deep within a province. I was lucky to catch a screening at the Palm Springs International FIlm Festival with a packed audience in attendance. Watch Bwakaw Movie Online watch filipino movie watch tagalog film watch pinoy movie “BWAKAW” is the film that enthrall with its emotional truth, high humor and sage assessment of the human condition.

Watch Menor de Edad Movie Online.

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You may also like. Watch Sisterakas Movie Online. She goes home flul an empty house she inherited from her parents. In this alternately funny and moving drama set in postcard-like rural Philippines, Eddie Garcia gives a towering performance, probably the best of his career, in a searing character study of an old man in his twilight flul who has secluded himself from the world but eventually learns to live again due to his friendship with a stray dog.

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Watch Pridyider Movie Online watch filipino movie watch tagalog film watch pinoy movie. A year-old Jen Guilarman, a 3rd high secondary school student, brings a alone, struggling life in a tenement real estate building.

What decision will the mistress take, when everything gets more complicated that it already is. Watch The Strangers Movie Online. An aspiring painter and a frustrated musician meet become instant friends but decided to end and leave everything as is just like complete strangers.

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A oline with an unusual style is brought to a small town to replace a beloved parish priest. Break ups are never easy; join Valentine as she tries to find the silver lining in it. A Richard Gutierrez is a firefighter who will have an “affair” with the woman as “Solenn Heusaff” she saves from a fire incident that will threaten the relationship he has with a conservative woman as “Sarah Lahbati”.


Besides the finding their way back, what they should worry more is omvie to survive this mystic strange area possibly inhabited by all sorts of monstrous creatures.

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Bwakaw HDRip Like? But will Tina be willing to risk the life of this person, just to extinguish the devil inside the ref? Her childhood friend James also joins her in her quest for the truth. Star Cinema’s initial movie offering for its 20th anniversary celebration shares the story of the Salazar siblings namely Teddie Tonithe eldest, who works as a teacher in Spain; Bobbie Beawho is now successful A bachelor instantly falls for a mysterious woman who seems to have everything, but not everything is what it seems initially.

Will Lester emerged victorious and win back his old partner? A professional horror movie extra prepares for her first ever acting award nomination.

Bwakaw is a Philippine comedy-drama film written and directed by Jun Lana. Bwakaw is dying, and even the miraculous Santo Entierro could not do anything.

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio. During a homecoming to his provincial home, a young man gets involved with a woman strangely haunted and ultimately possessed, by her sister’s spirit, paving the way to revealing the painful truth about her unsolved disappearance.

This is where he sees and eventually falls for the bar girl Jewel. Was this review helpful to you?