Share them privately if needed. Read my mind To help others and realize the world does not evolve around you. For the people it helped with the advice they gave. Teen, 13 years old Written by Tise24 September 27, To treat other’s how you would want to be treated. I am a hudge bratz fan.

The girls try to balance writing a dating article while planning a magazine safari party; Dylan gives Eitan bad advice on how to ask Yasmin out. As you can see in that episode it shows how to stick up for a friend in need and not to care about yourself all the time. They knew how to walk and carry themselves. Although, the language used is appropriate, except from the threats of their enemies. There bodies are very i cant say the word seroiusly,even I could make a doll thats a million times better. Sure they may have curvy figures, but it’s a little harder to create fat dolls than one might assume.

Bewithed all girls don’t want thugs, but nice sweet young men. There is no positive role models for kids. For example, in Season 1 and all their episodes. It showed self defense and how to stick up for yourself an example of that would be in season 1 episode 8 “It’s Not About Me week”.

Its the dumbest thing in history next to Hannah Montana. Even the baby bratz have bad clothes. They have big puffy lips, slutty clothes, bleh. This show also shows how to be a good sport and candidate.

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They aren’t thinking, “Oh Kid, 9 years old September 9, For the drugs, drinking, and smoking they drink smoothies. The only thing they ever focus on in life are clothing and shopping. Their are episodes that shows you how you should treat one another and tell the truth. It showing kids that you don’t always have to be plain in what you wear.

Meanwhile, Yasmin struggles to write a poem for her English class. It also bewitchd you how to be humble and a good friend and what friendship is about. In season 1 episode 7 ” Manicuring Candidate” that episode shows that you shouldn’t scoop to the other people levels but beat them fair and square. The girls go through training and begin to argue over who Byron will select to go on the mission.


She tries and she tries but in the end she always fail. When they took of this show, it pissed me off and other fans and viewers.

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And, as a 13 year old, I know what is really TV and this is so far away even my sibling thinks 5 years old can watch it.

Their is always going to be someone to bring you down, trying to hold you back because your more successful then they are. When I was years-old I loved the bratz,i’m now almost 15 hratz it’s not made me where skimpy clothes and only think about fashion and boys. Using a new hypnosis tool, Burdine hypnotizes Sasha and Jade, directing them to sabotage the Bratz on the night they are to receive the Tween Voice Award. Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Sasha must teach Kirstee how to dance; Cloe and Kaycee go mountain climbing together; Yasmin must talk Cameron into letting her ride his motorcycle and Jade has to get a picture of Burdine without her makeup.

Get ready bothfred the “girls with a passion for fashion”. Bratz nothered skinny bodies and ALOT of makeup.

Kid, 11 years old April 9, Teen, 13 years old Written by ellia July 6, Based on our expert review. Her attempts doesn’t work because the Bratz work together and continue to find a way to complete their task and go beyond their limit.

Find a TV show or movie. The example this gives is not a good one, and young girls are still very impressionable. Too weak to fight, Cloe and Jade enlist the help of their friends to save them and uncover the antidote before time runs out. Amazing I thought Bratz is great for all children. Firstly, Bratz advertise no sexual nor violent encouragement towards the target audience.


But do you really want children thinking that is what pretty looks like? The girls fall for Shane, a stylin’ new kid in school.

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Teen, 15 years old Written by missybobcat April 9, Bad Example Some reviewers said that little children don’t notice how sexy the bratz look, and that children just think they look pretty. Had useful details 8. Based on 19 reviews. When they win money from events instead of going shopping, spending, they give back to their community which shows that this show isn’t about money to themselves.

Helped me decide 3. It’s ok This is my opinion on bratz I think they are soo dang ugly but the music is good and the tweevils are pretty funny but cloe is soo annoying if you love bratz dolls than bratz Is the show for you if you don’t like bratz dolls then it’s not the show fore you. For me it makes me think am I being true to myself or am I just trying to fit in. But, when you listen closely they say nothing like that.

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Had useful details 6. It shows that they don’t care about money and how much to spend on shopping, it shows that you should always give back to your community, help out where you live.