Hagi attacks Amshel so Saya can go after Diva as Nathan watches from the audience with the babies beside him. Saya, Riku, and Hagi arrive at Ekaterinburg to rendezvous with David. Kai says “He’s been here” and tells the twins to leave the rose alone as it is their aunt’s and they begin their picnic. Amshel refuses to let him leave alive, but Nathan stops their fighting. Young Haji 1 episode, Kai and Saya carry the babies as the group leaves, but Amshel, who survived his fight with Hagi, attacks the group, ripping off Hagi’s arm with his breath attack. Diva asks Saya if she is going to kill her babies as well, since she believes chiropterans shouldn’t exist.

When Saya wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of what happened. James Ironside 50 episodes, David Rasner Later, Saya promises Kai that she will always protect him and asks him to take better care of himself. Karman 11 episodes, Hideyuki Umezu Gray lectures David on his wallowing in self-pity when Kai has turned his loss into his strength and found his purpose. They are losing when Saya and Hagi arrives.

Riku Miyagusuku 50 episodes, She is later killed by Amshel, who then takes on her appearance. Collins reveals to Julia that he doesn’t think the chiropterans should be completely destroyed and that he knows about the planned attack on the headquarters.

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Later, she sees pictures of the Vietnam War resulting in flashbacks of her past. Hagi attacks Amshel so Saya can go after Diva as Nathan watches from the audience with the babies beside him. Nathan says all she wanted was a family, something Amshel never understood, and explains that when she became pregnant, Diva’s blood lost its potency.


Additional Voices 1 episode, Stephanie Sheh Amshel finds Solomon in an alley trying to hold on, but he crystallizes in Amshel’s arms from Saya’s blood on her sword.

Saya and Hagi go to try to kill Diva before she can take the stage, but before she can charge Diva, Saya grows woozy again and can’t attack. Saya is able to get Kai away, but when she goes after Diva, Amshel captures her, and Hagi is caught by Nathan. David and Kai also see the ad on TV. Adams 2 episodes, Elin Carlson While they fight, several people attending the concert suddenly change into chiropterans and begin killing the other guests, only to be killed themselves by the Corpse Corps.

Sony Entertainment began releasing its English adaptation of the series on March 4, Saya Otonashi 50 episodes, Solomon then swears that he is Saya’s chevalier by his own choice and states that it is “beyond blood”.

After saving her from local street punks, Kai is told about her and the other Schiff’s past. Collins 11 episodes, Lulu asks Saya if she will fight with them to defeat Diva, but Saya says she fights alone, and will not grieve the loss of anymore comrades.

While shopping with Monique, Kai spots Saya and Monique asks her to come to the party, which Saya agrees to do. epiwode

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Solomon goes to where Diva and the others are, wearing a black suit instead of the white suits he used to prefer. Unable to find Karman, Kai and the others return to the apartment. Saya and Hagi remember her making him promise to kill her, with watxh own hands, when everything is over.


Saya screams his name and the military planes begin bombing the opera house. David has given George a deadline to give Saya back to the Red Shield.

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Amshel refuses to let him leave alive, but Nathan stops their fighting. They go to a bridge where Karman tells Moses they won’t be forgotten since Kai will remember them and englsih on those memories.

While there, David talks with Julia, but is interrupted by Dr. Saya goes to the forbidden garden and finds blue roses and a mysterious container.

As he carries her up the steps toward the crypt, he promises to make them all happy and care for the babies until she wakes up. Retrieved September 30, Retrieved August 13, Kai leaves with his father’s handgun to track down the monster, yearning for revenge. Saya awakens from her trance and, seeing her blood-stained self in a reflection, screams “NO! Saya saves Kai and Lewis from the chiropterans, but collapses afterwards.

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