A story that will teach kids and students proper attitude in school, in this back-to-school special episode. Jessy Mendiola , J. Horje finally meets his doom and takes the magical pearl. She said her name was Karen, and Carl was very surprised. Irene, a girl who was born on Christmas Day, was granted by Christmas fairies named Rosal and Orchidia; intelligence, good-looks, and irresistible appeal. Grace is a child who feels deprived by her parents because they can’t afford to buy her a dollhouse. Julia Montes , J.

The twins kept fighting until Leny fell down from a wagon and Lena was guilty that she killed her own sister so she pretended to be Leny instead. However, using his magic, Black Shadow outsmarts the authorities and manages to escape. She easily found the magical pearl but she was caught by the giant octopus and followed her into shore. The adventures of Chokee and Sisay as they come through several obstacles. However, an old man who is a butterfly reminds him that Anna will only live normally for one week. A true love’s kiss could break the spell. Maita is a young girl who has poor eyesight.

When Mila gives her a magical tablet computer, Era begins to see her mom suffering at work.

Ving is a loving and obedient son raised by his doting parents Cris and Soffy. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt. The episode will revolve around the kind and studious young girl named Kat and the school bully Bea. A magical story for kids and families. An episode which will give importance to the value of generosity.

A perfect story for the whole family this Halloween. It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others. The ghost is able to go to heaven, and the teenager who wore the shoes is healed. How will Lulu and Lily’s relationship change when Harvey and Adrian enter their lives?

The wish is a tree with a fruit that contains money, but when her greedy friend found out she wanted the fruits for herself. As training, Super Kikay flies around their town and tries to solve the problems and difficulties of other people.


Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Part 3

Little does she know that the doll carries a magic spell with it. An 8-year-old girl named Bessy, who doesn’t really care about garbage, makes a mess wherever she goes.

The episode will feature the story of a young girl named Audrey who always has nightmares, presumably because she is not fond of praying. The plan works and there she tries to stop the construction with the help of Mel.

She soon realize that beauty lies within the goodhearted people. Willy is a boy who neglects the value of water as a vital natural resource.

Xyriel ManabatJodi Sta. Because of her eagerness to earn more, Jingle disobeys her father’s principle and enters the business of selling smuggled Christmas decorations. However, despite Gigie’s effort on using her powers to help Allan gain additional points in school, the boy did not keep his promise and left her stuck in the bottle.

“Wansapanataym” Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Part 1 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Vincent gets everything he wishes for cash, game cards, driver’s license, concert tickets, and movie passes via a magical wallet he found. Later on, she discovers that she can control them and use them for attacks, but disregards it after she loses control over the power.

Through the help of a magical star, Caloy is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted. Will Era finally understand her Llit Mila when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother’s sacrifices are for her?

Will the two friends be able to heal the wounds of their parents’ past and finally teach them to forgive and forget? Laiz by scaring her off with rats. Diego is a young boy who grew up exposed to poverty because his parents were not able to finish their studies. Diwalding the diwata and Flora gave him a calming serum in his magic milk. The friendship will be put to test after they accidentally wasted cxst wish. After magically changing their house, Raprap transforms her wansapanatagm into the sophisticated and rich woman Sonia.


The younger sibling was very greedy of his chocolates and because of that, the elder sibling wanted him to wznsapanataym a chocolate life-form and the genie granted his wish. Because of her bad habit, Haring Kidlat decides to punish Tina and attacks her with lightning bolts, which gave her the power to absorb czst.

Kara and the man got married. A special Father’s day episode about Ian Mark, a young boy who was solely raised by his father.

Cocoy is always on top of everything and everyone especially when it comes to love and his favorite sport, swimming. How will they be able to help each other in protecting it from other fairies who want to steal it?

In turn, she helps the toys. Shaggy is a young orphan who doesn’t believe in Christmas and in the existence of Santa Claus.

“Wansapanataym” Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Part 6 (TV Episode ) – IMDb

When his teacher called his parents to tell them everything he did to his classmates, Wesley tries to get back on Ms. Because of his dirty and harmful hands, Kokoy’s family and friends are infuriated and move away from him.

Dong Pagong did not take back the power that she has given to Kikay because he knows that Kikay will use her powers to help humans. Can Nanding undo his curse and his cruelty to nature? The spell breaks if someone loves and accepts her despite being a witch and she liif given time until the New Year. But she can’t able to control herself.

A true love’s kiss could break the curse by saying “I love you” to each other. In spite of losing her boyfriend, she regains another important person in her life when she finally reunites with her long lost sister.