The complexion is pale, the eyes grave, acute, penetrating, — the index of a strong will, — the brow frequently wrinkled ; the gen- eral expression one of reserve, of pride, ol seli-reliance. Their object was to secure a world-wide reputation for Venetian music and to compel foreign musicians wlio visited Venice to hear public witness to its worth. In these cantatas, where the music had no relation to the dramatic action, but where polyphonic structure gradually yields to monody, we get the germ of the modem opera. Oh come interamente bo goduto la parte mial Oh come gustevolmcnte la sera fin alle due ore passava tempo in diportarmi per prati e pianure vicino al mio albergol E nel rcspirare e nel prender fiato aentiva aoavemente entrarmi un non bo che di odorifero e spiritale nel petto. Basterammi un solo aaluto da voi. From the cap on the bead to the shoes on the feet, gloves, -—to such an extent that at Milan the guild of glovers and perfumers was one and the same, — socks, shirts, even money, all was scented.

Men’s costume, on the other band, was severer, less suhiect to changes of fashion, and retained something of tne antique seriousness. The habit of pinning papers and hanging uten- sils on nails and hooks fastened to shelves and to soaze led to the invention of a large plaque, divided into three compartments, called a reslelio, and frequently adorned with pictures. On January a8, i5o8, in honour of his mar- riage with a lady of the Grimani family, he gave ibe usual banquet in tlie house of his father-in-law, but ho cut down the expenses and even omitted to invite any ladies ; and the other members of his club, the Elerni, were ao enraged that they turned the house upside down and carried off two silver basins which they com- pelled Stefano and DomenJco Tagllacalze, two famous clowns, to bear in procession through the streets, after which they all went and supped at the hostelry of the Campana at Rialto. Die Harder Die Hard 3: Tbe other tables bore statuettes of popes, kings, doges, deities, figures representing the planets, the arts, virtues, animals, fruit, flowers, and trees, all made in sugar from designs by Sansovino, executed by the druggist Niccold della Cavalliera, whose shop was at the sign of the Pigna. Hercules entered con la pelle di lion el la lesla in capo, and went through his twelve Labours con vari balleii el sacriJizU et morte de Cacho, Zerbero ed allri. On February 17, ib48, the young friend of Charles V, Antonio Castriota, Duke of Ferrandina, who had reached Venice only a few days before, went over to Murano in the evening to a fete in the house of the Podesta Marco Venier. Womeo were allowed to wear una itujia over allra fata de leda over de oro over d’argenio jilado, dummocbi in uto non excUda el valor de ducati quatro.


The dance was not the formal shreaming that it is nowadays ; it was far freer in its measures, and women sometimes danced with women and men with men. It is rare to meet with a brunette in Venetian painting, though the taste of the people, who admired a straight and pointed nose and tectit like a row of pearls,’ wavered between the slim blond beauty and the abundant charms of the brunette.

Other servants fol- lowed in their train, and a matron’s position was indi- cated by tlie length of her suite. An enormous quantity of green food was brought into the city, not only from the mainland, but musimanisiilo in Ferrara. And in the evening, when Veronese had come down from his scaffolding, his hand wearied by the endeavour to keep pace with the flight of his imagina- tion, when Palladio had finished the model for a capital, or sketched the harmonious curve of a ceiling or relief of a cornice, when Viltoria had abandoned for the day his mouldings that emulated the most delicate carving in marble, and the master of the house, Marcantonio, their worthy compeer, laid aside his mod- elling tools, they all would meet in the banqueting- room,’ and forget fatigue at the sumptuous board, in the beaker brimming with the wine of Asolo ; the brilliant conversation flowed along, not.

Boyal Gallery a5o Fwtrait of a Venetian Gonrlesan. In ihc liitmnUi ceoturr it wai owned by the catinlle familj of Rtiio. Cloverfield Movie – Caatinelle Many of the rooms are also painted by the two Veronese masters, who mingled subjects sacred and profane: See Solerti, L’origine cztinelle melodivmma. The Provveditori alle Biaoe and the officials at formento were charged to see that the grain supply never ran too low. Sanudo, speaking of the Doge Marco Barbarigo. The fame of Isabella Andreini, however, outshone all others; poetess and comedian, of great beauty and unsullied virtue, she was admired, honoured, lauded in Ufe and in death by princes and peoples, and by the greatest poets such as Torquato Tasso, wiio wrote for her the sonnet beginning: Rc ;, 33, c.

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Palladio’s theatre and the ‘ ‘ old theatre sttreaming were the first two permanent playhouses erected in Venice, and tliey were quickly followed by many others. The bride was the daughter of the Cavalier Liica Buecari, and mTiid-of-honour to Qunea Caterina, whom ihe had followiyl from Cjpnis after the abdication.


Battle Angel Alive and Kicking Alive! The dances known as the gagliarda.

Delia miuita in Venryia in Ventiia 1 U sae iagane. In its early form it consisted of a short stick with a square flag-shaped piece of embroidered paper or stulF. Tailors and dress- makers who turned out illegal costumes rendered them- selves liable to pillory, prison, or galleys. Monsignor della Casa bears witness on tliis point. The Doge said, Votentiera.

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Hercules entered con la pelle di lion el la lesla in capo, and went through his twelve Labours con vari balleii el sacriJizU et catineple de Cacho, Zerbero ed allri. Pheasants, ‘ Ssnudo, Ci-onachttttt. Still fuller details enable us to reconstruct the apartments in the Palazzo Foscari. Coule di ModIc Viccnlino.

The Venetians, who always preferred spectacles which appealed to the eye, introduced into their comedies musical interludes, songs, ballets, masques, as was the case with the representation of the Miles Gloriosus of PlautuB catinflle February g, i5i6, by the InnocenU club of the Compagnia della Calza, in the courtyard of Ca’ Pesaro at San Benedetto. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Rhodiana, and Travaglia, which are certainly among the beat plays of the day for their genuine spirit of comedy, iheir ready wit, and their delineation of character.

Late, Ovi venticiDque per torta, Hampaca. The physical form, so intensely attractive in itself, has do counterpart in a vivifying soul. I pound of veal, 3 tioldi. More than three streaminng gondolas thronged the canal of the Giudecca. At this period personal linen begins to take a larger place in inven- tories, and the physician Itangone did not hesitate lo give advice which must have seemed a counsel of perfection for those days, when he enjoined his clients to keep them- selves ” mondi la vita di camicia, di calce, ii lenzuola e aomiglianti, spesso spesso, ogni settimana mutali.

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