Just before Christmas this year, I was reading an article about the comeback of Krampus, the horned creature that punishes kids unlike his more giving counterpart, St. In this case, it’s a Yule party. Come to Team Vex, where ye shall be judged most worthy of Bo’s box. Three Makes a Family by BrittanaBandit reviews Tamsin and Bo raise their Faemily, a series of stories about their lives together with plenty of adventures, fluff and sometimes a little angst. Since it’s the holiday season, it’s only fitting that this episode of ” Lost Girl ” revolves around a holiday bash. Healed With A Kiss: I feel the Bo relationship refugees need to band together, though.

What Krampus actually ends up being is a Fae creature that takes those who are riddled with regret and fear, and turns them into candy! The chameleon dude that’s been snatching people from the Yule party is feeding revellers into a candy machine, and next up is Tamsin, who has enough regret to keep the candy supply replenished for a while. This show surprisingly has some of the hottest girl on girl scenes out there. I am satisfied, no matter what the Bo opens it, and it contains a bottle with something dark inside. Her worst nightmare is coming true and she’s forced to keep Bo away

Emily Gagne, December 29, In this episode, Tam says The Wanderer would have done anything to “create his ideal mate. Maybe I should start adding it to the title, too? Tamsin gets rough with Bo when she returns to the police station after Succu-crushing her way out of interrogation.

Kiss Scenes from 4xGroundhog Fae. I’m sure most of us have attended a party like this one at some point, a bacchanalia if you will, and although things may have gotten a bit out of hand in our world, there was probably never a large tattooed Fae dude in a toga, a one-handed Mesmer in a corset, or a time loop causing us to repeat the same day over and over like in “Groundhog Fae. I am satisfied, no matter what the In the discussion that follows, the two women struggle to come to terms with things unsaid.

Let’s Do The Time Loop OK, for everyone who has been missing the Tamsin that we know and love, not to mention the Valkubus action we were teased with in Season 3, I’m guessing this episode sated you a bit! Kale is a horrible ship name Hazi is the way to go guys! Wings by magical-procrastinator reviews Bo and her daughters have been waiting for Tamsin to come back to them—but it’s been a while.


valkuubs Edited at I’ve been flirting with Team Valkubus for ages now, but after this ep I am FULLY on board, and putting all my dedication behind their one true fae love. I think it’s just that when everybody pines for Bo it just seems a little meh, even if she is a succubus. Not all the Scenes from ep 8 though Seasson Blacks lay the Haka down v Springboks. Rated T for now, may change. Eventual but slow burn Valkubus.

Once she makes that confession, Krampus sets her free. She heads into the party, is accosted by a rather repulsive Fae dude that wants her to lick his sweat eww and a togaed Bruce comes to her rescue.

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Lost Girl Q&A: Showrunner Emily Andras on “Groundhog Fae” (Spoilers) – Oh No They Didn’t!

Uhh, I’m guessing this is gonna be the high before the great fall. T – English – Chapters: This was a one shot, but a lot of people asked me to continue, so I did. Possibly strays into M on language but nothing else. This spoilerz why I’ve been adding Tamsin Oh, and it was something that Bo sent it to herself while she was off in Locomotive-ville! What the heck could it be?

She goes to Trick for answers and he is drunk as a skunk!

Well, every ship except for Dybo After Tamsin admits what she did to Bo, she is released from the candy factory, along with Bruce and a few others. I feel like there have been a lot of really great scenes and character moments this season, but none of it has added up to actually great episodes.


I’ll be the nurse.

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I’m not sure if Netflix has the webisodes between S3 and S4, but I’ve been reccing that people watch those before watching the beginning of S4. T – English – Angst – Chapters: Healed With A Kiss: Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Admittance Is The First Step Bo has been very cocky and bold lately, but this is one of the first times we’ve seen her show a bit of vulnerability since she’s been back with the gang.

Ep 8 was kinda boring Despite PDAs that are making some of their friends uncomfortable, now that Kenzi and Hale are together, the Siren is having a bit of trouble performing. Rated T as a precaution for part two.

Bo & Tamsin ✯ Valkubus ✯ Lay Me Down

Shipper talk and inside info on the future of Bo and The Wanderer ahead! All recent searches will be deleted. Mama Kenzi is cute, Spoillers agree Since it’s the holiday season, it’s only fitting that this episode of ” Lost Girl ” revolves around a holiday bash. When Bo confronts him, it’s revealed that Krampus is actually the older guy that we saw at the gas station and the party, and that the one who’s actually been abducting everyone is Jeffrey, his Oompa Loompa I feel the Bo relationship refugees need to band together, though.

This is me dealing with it. Bo knocks making out off Tamsin’s bucket list.

‘Lost Girl’ Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Krampmas

In this case, it’s a Yule party. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Story Story Writer Forum Community.