Coming back to movie. Anyways heartily kudos to the whole team for a creative and honest attempt trying to come with something different.. Best Movies by Kannada Film Industry. I’m very happy that we are gifted with one more brilliant writer-director Rakshit Shetty! Fire engulfs more than acres of Bandipur forest Man held for talking dirty with female As the title says, its “Ulidavaru Kandante”.

The coastal landscapes are brilliantly captured and presented. Karm Chawla’s cinematography, Ajaneesh’s BG score, sync sound succeeds in providing the much necessary atmospheric experience. Kangana Ranaut gets trolled for riding a dummy horse in a war scene of Manikarnika Malaika Arora on her divorce with Arbaa The movie had already created the hype required. Teams painted as tigers are seen dancing to drum beats all around the town. I made short films even when I was working in the IT industry. A dark sci-fi prequel , huge performances at the Oscars , and a star-studded new season of mockumentaries are our picks of the week. The script for Ulidvarau Kandante was written even before Confessions of a Dustbin, but I had kept it aside till Suvin Cinemas came forward to produce the film.

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What I did conclude after watching “Ulidavaru Kandante” was that they exaggerated the film’s weaknesses to a great extent. People often scold Kannada film industry for not producing good films, but this is just wonderful. Rakshit delivers his dialogues with a flamboyance that makes kaneante memorable. That somehow stuck in my head.

Just watch the perspectives and bring out your own. Film by Upendra The atmosphere lasted for over more than two hours. I am from Karnataka.

Retrieved 25 April Sunny Leone tweets ‘haha’ after ‘scoring well’ in Bihar junior engineer exam Now a biopic on Rahul Gandhi being made Salman Khan to co-produce and judge Nac The entire movie has a non linear storyline, a confusing and unsure first half, slow mid way, but that allows you to discern the characters better, and I think that’s what Rakshit wants you ulkdavaru do, rather than try to solve the mystery, which exists or not, depends on the viewers perspective as well.


Overall, the movie is a great experience and I suggest every one who love “cinema” should watch this. I know Achyut is not a native of Dakshina Kannada but the way he has presented himself just shows his strength and versatility.

Ulidavaru Kandanthe Theatrical release poster. The film, a thriller, also had an offbeat topic for a story. If not his son.

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Start your free trial. Hats off to Rakshith Shetty for delivering this product. They escape across Karnataka in a roller-coaster ride that is at once enthralling, exasperating and nail-biting. All it seeks is, to show a portmanteau of perspectives on an incident during the Krishnashtami season in Udupi. Tara, Kishore and Achyuth look real in their roles. Fire engulfs more than acres of Bandipur forest.

Must watch for people who prefer ‘class’ than ‘mass’ movies: Multiple view points have been used in films for decades, its success or failure depends on the art and facility with which it can aid the story being told. Moive is about a man called Kandantte, who lives in the present. The story and narration was at its best, and Rakshit Shetty’s direction was incredible. Lucia had a great success in this aspect. Anyways heartily kudos to the whole team for a creative and honest attempt trying to come with something different.

Looking at ylidavaru trailer I was looking forward to a good movie but this turned out to be a masterpiece. To uliravaru with, the very first scene. I told her I would call out the emotions and she had to emote, I started off with the emotion of anger.

The same formula applied but the result here is exceptionally appealing which stirs the audience emotion for long time. The movie had already created the hype required. Sheetal Shetty steals the show as the scholarly journalist. In the middle of the shoot a mobile rang. If you pay attention to the sound design and sound capture you might feel a lot of background noise being captured. But I have only one thing to say.


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Everyone does a spectacular job, which is definitely one of the real highs of the kandantw. Never mind kancante cant keep everyone happy. Chemistry Of Kariyappa 2. This was motivated by the favourable response to scenes depicted in the trailer, as well as some of the lines delivered by the characters.

Another thing I noticed was Tamil films explored all dialects while we here we used only the Mysuru or Mandya dialect. State India World Business. It’s fresh which is what makes it unique.

Ulidavaru Kandante

Give the film some time to get it on to you. But, one day, Sheetal was taking a little more time than she normally did. I believe this film will go down as one of the best acted films.

Full marks to her for expressions. The trailer was also released in theatres by Kannada actor Puneet Rajkumarat the Triveni theatre, Bangalore the next day. I’ve seen people utterly confused and disappointed after the movie no doubt with the only tiny consolation in offer being “It was different”. I’ve seen people utterly confused and disappointed after the movie no doubt with the only tiny consolation in offer being “It was different”.

In the past we have witnessed “Yuva”, “Memento,” “Hero,” “Irreversible”, “Amores Perros” that use various perceptions of facts. Writing this review after two years from movie release may look little odd, but felt not writing would be a bigger injustice to this well crafted timeless classic.

Give those movies another watch and then you’ll start admiring those.

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