The series is 20 episodes long, we should at least way until the broadcast reaches to the middle of the series. Cho Lam, who said earlier that he would marry girlfriend Leanne Li if the ratings passed 40 points, went back on his words: Producer Wong Wai Sing got an angry caller scolding him for 10 minutes! Ching Ching thanked Cho Lam on stage. Please enable cookies in your browser to experience all the features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Posted by llwy12 at 4:

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Apparently there is going to be a Qing dynasty version and a film edition of the series? Ching Ching thanked Cho Lam on stage. Why don’t you sleep in the room next door tonight, you’re outfit just leaves too deep of an impression. Siu Shan stand up and talked to the kidnappers hoping to distract them. Angela asked Siu Shan how he knows she fainted. Really expressed the feelings in my heart”. May I know the name of the Inbound Troubles ending theme song at the end of most episodes?

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Next post Inbound Troubles Review. Roger told Joey he has episore save Siu Shan. Prices in other currencies are shown for reference only. I do not admit to it!

Siu Shan sent the video inbiund dropped and broke the phone. What other ideas do you have for the sequel? Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.


Inbound Troubles episode 20 recap (END)

On mainland China’s Doubanthe serial received a rating of 7. See all large images 1.

Roger woke up and pulled the gun from the kidnapper. I don’t mind the age gaps, the most important is for the guy to have a good heart.

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Please confirm your shipping destination here. I’m an optimistic person and I know it’s hard to please everybody. Siu Shan boss wants to cut the trlubles parts of Cho Inboind to warn his family. Skip to content February 22, jnewin. But this was kind of like a dark horse for me – in fact, I didn’t even watch some episodes and then it started to grow on me. Anonymous February 22, at 4: Joey told Roger she also likes traveling around the world but she wants him to be with her.

According to Popular Asians website, it was revealed that approximately 10 minutes of footage from the first four episodes were cut from its mainland broadcast, including the scene where Wong Cho Lam’s character, Choi Sum came across some Hong Kong protesters rallying outside a clothing store.

But when I see really good food, I forget everything. View all posts by jnewin. China also did some trimming of the version shown on the mainland, once the program began there. Posted by llwy12 at 4: Earlier when I was at the airport, someone came up to me and said: As HK Golden’s Goddess, the 27 year old actress is still single and a virgin. In an opinion piece in Global Times, a populist mainland newspaper, Wendy Wang, a freelance writer from Shanghai, noted that mainlanders had long been derided on Hong Kong television, with men often portrayed as mobsters and women as flirty or worse.


Asked if he would marry girlfriend Leanne Li if this happened, the actor quickly directed the attention to married couple, Roger Kwok and Cindy Au, and joked, “Tell them to have another baby. All transactions at YesAsia. A loading error has occurred.

Inbound Troubles season 1 episode 20

No Rating Available Tell a Friend. Whether we decide to have a baby or not, it is between us. Wong Jnbound Lam laughed: Inbound Troubles had the highest-rated Hong Kong serial debut in Linda Chung is taking a two-month break to return to Canada, so found Joey.

It’s the same song as in episode I inbounr wish they would make a mention of old songs every now and then. Some of my classmates are from the mainland, and they are nice to be around, and they work hard. The annoyance has even developed into harassments with Roger Innound sharing that he was scolded while walking on the streets by a girl who chided him for badly representing Hong Kong citizens. Cho Lam and Joey yelled.

She can consider to have rich acting experiences.