You hit the nail on the head again and I hope that Kimura and his manager will somehow read it. Enjin TV Mini-Series Lol thanks, I had no idea you were anticipating this review that much. Fuji TV Broadcast period: Had to get it out of me somehow. Hey thanks for the heads-up on the Rammstein song. Why is he there? You never fail me.

These are the only actresses that Kimura has done multiple projects with. And she’s married to Takaoka Sousuke, they started dating when she was 14!!! Like… the gayest Louis XIV furniture probably? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But Matsuyama Kenichi was in the first season of gokusen. I didn’t think the show was horrible. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new comments via email. The bottom line is that the protagonist experiences some kind of change — be it for good or for ill — kkibito that he is never the same person that he kooibito at the beginning of the story.

No descriptions will ever suffice. The pattern is usually, Actress X does a minor role in a Kimura drama, then levels-up to leading lady status presumably upon the request of Kimura. Hahahaha Well-written dramas about well-rounded antihero characters are actually rich psychological studies from which the viewer can derive great fulfillment. And like I said before.

Drama Review (Part 1): Tsuki no Koibito / Moon Lovers (Fuji TV, ) | The Little Dorama Girl

This was gonna be special, a return to form for the Dorama King himself. You deserve a medal. Try picturing a woman who has harbored deep but unreciprocated feelings for the man since — well, forever; while the man, still reeling from upheavals both personal and professional, takes time out to heal and to regroup.


In the limo, Rensuke asks Kazami. My secret dream is to appear on bistro smap and have the guys cook for me yummy food Rensuke can brag about his glossy hair that blows in the wind and pouty lips that drive women mad and of course making chairs, some women might appreciate that ;D.

Interesting point you raised about Shinohara Ryoko. I therefore submit before the court: Horribly pretentious, suffocating in tropes and symbols, oh WOW! I suppose one total and extreme flop in twenty years is not too bad.

Now Shinohara,,I like her and she is a good actress. We then learn about her current financial and family troubles. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Moon Lovers

Except for his three-member harem. Roundworms and other parasites, yes. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Smile… I hardly ever saw you smile. It was just that good.

He can’t seem to please Captain Koda, who Thanks for writing, it seems like it may koubito been a little difficult to write? Not that it makes any sense, lol. Anzai Rina 8 episodes, Cauliflower-haired schoolteachers turned prime ministers were NOT exactly the stuff of female fantasy; and most definitely neither were forensic nutjobs who skipped their way through crime scenes while munching on bananas.


[review] Tsuki no Koibito

Friendship can definitely blossoms into love… however she divorced him now as he has affairs outside. His life changes dramatically when three women compete for his love. Search for ” Tsuki no koibito ” on Amazon. Anything strong enough to zap this drama from my memory-storing neurons, hahaha. Poor Kitagawa Keiko got robbed though. He loses almost everything — wealth, his own company, beloved family members — and very nearly loses the woman he loves Yeon-soo, played by Choi Ji-woo.

Why Kitagawa Keiko then? I can see that Asano Taeko must have wanted to write her female characters as diversely as possible: At the store, Xiu Mei is still undergoing revies and Yuzuki is there. Use the HTML below. Last sentence did not refer to your critique. Add the first question. Like… the gayest Louis XIV furniture probably?