To this end, although the toys are mostly the same in both Japan and the West barring some different color schemes , the characters which they represent are vastly different—most prominently, Powermaster Optimus Prime ‘s counterpart is Ginrai , a human trucker who combines with a transtector a non-sentient Transformer body, a concept lifted from Headmasters to become a Transformer himself, the same applies to the other Powermasters’ counterparts; the Godmasters. Rare hand made Transformers prototypes shown in Figure King magazine 20, views. Going hand-in-hand with this idea, the Japanese incarnations of the Autobot Pretenders actually shrink down to pass for normal human beings, whose emotions and strengths they value and wish to safeguard. A fellow pretender named Grand Maximus, having discovered this, journeys to earth to warn the stationed-autobots and to destroy it: As for Ginrai and Overlord they continue to battle, but Overlord refuses to use his weapons in the fight as he wants to prove that their human-physiologies are not as weak as he thinks, even when Ginrai attempted to use a weapon, who was stunned to think Overlord would think so highly of Devil Z. With the completion of the series, the evil Decepticons had finally been forced off Earth, and the stage was set for the beginning of Super-God Masterforce.

Another of the strong points of this episode comes in the fact that this unlikely friendship between Minerva and Cancer — the psychological connection, if you will — reverberates all throughout the series. Super Robot Life Form Transformers: Giga then tasks Hydra and Buster to use the deathball on Ginrai, whom Lander tries to recruit, but is turned down. Learning that the Decepticons have violated the sacred Island of the Gods, Cab goes alone to confront them only to be captured and taken to where a number of his countrymen are being held captive. Their latest plan was to destroy the Watson Dam where Giga, in his Overlord -like transector affectionately named the “Gigatank” , successfully does after the Destron’s weapons proved too weak to do so. Once that was cleared up the dual continued, with Sixnight revealing he does not have three alternate-modes, but six, but even so it was Ginrai who emerges victorious and Sixnight is left stunned at the fact that Ginrai was really a human. With the danger passed, Ginrai takes lightfoot under his wing. The Autobots Are in Trouble “.

Only Buster and Hydra are allowed to do so, much to the main-Destron’s dismay, though they are allowed to ravage an oil-refinery, however the autobots once again thwart them all. The Decepticon Headmaster Jss. Minerva decided to dress in a safari-themed outfit, but this gets her made masterfotce of by the boys.


The Autobot’s attempts to stop them fail, but Ginrai and Grand, having managed to escape and annihilate the black hole, return and the Decepticons are thwarted, even so Ginrai is curtain they’re not done.

List of Super-God Masterforce episodes

Hydra and Buster turn to Devil Z in a final attempt to gain the power they need to destroy Ginrai. He and his fellow Autobot Pretenders defeated Bomb-Burst, Submarauder, and their comrade Skullgrin thousands of years transformerrs after taking on human form while the Decepticon Pretenders adopted demonic appearances, and trapped the three across the globe.

The Final Godmaster “. Diver, Ginrai and the Autobot H. The odds were against the heroes, until Wilder and Bullhorn lend a hand, much to Cancer’s happiness.

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It was not long before he rose through the ranks and lit their dark- ahem! The autobots though speed on over: Takao YoshizawaAtsutoshi Umezawa. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text. There, he has to deal with an abusive and temperamental Ginrai, Cab, and Shuta. Giga then tasks Hydra and Buster to use the deathball on Ginrai, whom Lander tries to recruit, but is turned down.

The decepticon super-weapon, the “BlackZarak”, is scheduled to arrive on earth’s moon and Mega and Giga are instructed to head there to wait for it, at the same Hydra and Buster continue their objective of destroying the Godbomber-project, this time with the Destrons backing them up.

The Cybertrons are in Trouble” “Gekisen!!

The Targeted Jumbo Jet “. BlackZarak, the New Lifeform “. The autobots are then hailed as heroes. Similarly Minerva can’t stop thinking of Cancer, even remarking that Ranger’s horse has similar eyes to Cancer’s.

These are personal opinions just like movie or game reviews hosted by sites are still just the opinion of one person so what matters most is what you guys think of the topic or list, and I hope to see your own lists or comments on omissions and ranking. Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Destroyer From Space” “Burakku Zarakku: Yoshikata NittaHiromichi Matano.

They then confront the Decepticon Pretenders, who have been discussing their plans for a biologist who was known to have been aboard one of the two flights, and force the three to retreat.

The command mastetforce out for the Decepticons to utterly destroy Ginrai, and he inadvertently makes himself easy to find when he appears on television searching for the remaining Godmasters! Attempting to mastterforce down new leads on the location of the remaining Godmasters, the Autobots venture into the Rocky Mountains, where they cross paths with a forest patrolman named Ranger, but Minerva suspects that he is working with the Decepticons!


He arrives at the Decepticon’s base and defeats King Masterfoce in a test of power, though he unwittingly endangered a cruise-ship as well. Godbomber arrives and engages Poseidon, but the volcano starts to erupt, leveling the decepticon’s base in the process. With the completion of the series, the evil Decepticons had finally been forced off Earth, and the stage was set for the beginning of Super-God Masterforce.

Waverider then begins transfomers the Headmaster Jrs.

You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform

They soon begin attacking local law enforcement, with their newly recruited biker minions joining in. Cancer and Minerva “.

The Godmasters themselves are human beings with the ability to merge with their Transtectors robot bodies. Despite this Ginrai is still able to use it and defeats them, only for Mega and Giga to takeover. Buster is angry that he episde not as strong as he thought, but Mega and Giga assure him that he is powerful, and transformsrs vows to prove it, all the while Shuta wonders why there aren’t any autobot godmasters.

Luckily at least one doctor, Dado, got away and directs the godmaster-autobots where to free the rest.

Top 5 Best Episodes of Transformers Super God Masterforce

It was not long before the Cybertron forces recognized that in order to win this battle with the Destrons, they would need more power. The three young heroes are left with an appreciation for teamwork and-in Minerva’s case-a new level of courage.

Masterforce followed the adventures of the Cybertrons, Transformets Powermaster Optimus Prime in the West, though they are vastly different characters and the Headmaster Juniors Minerva, Cab, and Shutaas they set out to thwart Overlord his Destron army.

In Kenya, various animals began to stampede into local villages and the Detsrons are responsible; Blood explains it is meant to upset the balance of masterorce. Meanwhile Ginrai believes he has found another godmaster: Inthe complete series was released in Region 2 with the Japanese audio with subtitles although like Shout!

Upon discovering the motives of their plan, Dauros summons the seacon Turtler and his squad, where they combine into King Poseidon. With no communication Ginrai and his squad are unaware of this until Giga and Mega personally inform them.

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