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Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen 1. All he had to do was set his eyes on something, and he would get it in no time. Will Anika live to tell her tale of treachery? Aaina is extremely creative at designing and the customers seem very satisfied with whatever she has to offer. Add the video to your site with the embed code above. Aaina is elated to hear of the offer but will she be able to take it up?

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This episode of Aye Zindagi is about Vikrant and his habit of over epispde.

Ranjit is constantly frustrated with his inability to perform better and the only person who motivates him is his best friend, Sameera. One unfortunate night of carefree misadventure lands Shruti into trouble and her family gets to know. Aye Zindagi brings different stories, inspired by real life incidents, which depicts the emotional journey of youngsters, peer pressures, societal norms, parental expectation, conflicts and much more. Is Alisha hiding something behind her perfect life?


Sonali never leaves a chance to humiliate Payal but Payal always resists. He is brash, uncultured and often misbehaves with her. More Videos of Aye Zindagi.

Qasim lives with this uncle, Shafiq. Gul E Rana 1. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1. He decides to eplsode his brother out. Fan Box office 2.

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She is humiliated to a point where she begins to tootal her image in the mirror. Vikrant, the only son of a business tycoon has always had it easy in life. She seems like his biggest fan and constantly follows him on every social media portal and keeps herself updated.

Click here to login. Will Aditi constantly live a life to please the world and achieve perfectionism? Bigg Boss 8 Rahul gets shattered and cannot seem to accept going on with life without Preeti. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan- Abhishek Bachchan nadaniyawn. They have an extremely close bond with each other despite having completely different perspectives towards life.

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Anika is elated when she realizes that Vansh is responding to her on social media. In Connecticut, the non-profit credit counseling agency is Money Market International.

He is a victim of ragging in his school and is too gentle to retaliate. To know more, watch Aye Zindagi, Thursday 7pm. Mayoomi, being the subdued one refrains from any sort of interaction with them whereas Estherine is feisty and fearless.


Aye Zindagi

She slaps Sushant in front of the public and demands him step back. This facility engages in small-scale consumer lending and payday loans. Aaina is extremely creative at designing and the customers seem very satisfied with whatever she has to offer. If you manage your credit cards wisely, a high total credit line can in fact be advantageous. Will Rahul move on or will this lead to something more grave?

Gauri, daughter of a renowned school teacher, works at a beauty parlour post her college. Consider obtaining a wage advance even when relaxing in your house in your pajamas! This story of Aye Zindagi nadaniysan about Sangeetha and her struggle to survive and fight for her right.

Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Sonali on the other hand is pampered and has always been the fortunate one. She would often toal her classmates about her life and all heard her anecdotes keenly.

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He realizes his mistakes after his father refuses to support his attitude and finally decides to apologize for his behavior and manages to get another chance 330 Niharika. Haseeno Ka Deewana 1. Samir was somewhere unhappy with Alisha and decides to call it quits with her.