Fukushima Television Broadcasting Co. Son Goku is here!! Goku runs back to the arena just in time for his fight. April May 20 May 24, The Click – May 26 – June 1 May 27, Anime Expo – Opening Ceremonies Jun 29, December 3—9 Dec 14,

Goku and Krillin jump over the floor buttons but Goku has to maneuver Bulma with his power pole. Tien attacks first, and Jackie Chun grabs him and throws him out of the ring. Goku catches up, and the two of them fight. Retrieved June 10, Anime Expo – Funimation Entertainment Jul 1, On January , Ikue Ohtani went on maternity leave and was temporarily replaced by Kazue Ikura as the voice of Chopper. The Sword’s Name is Sniperking?

The Click – April 22nd – April 28th Apr 22, Largo – The Battle is on! Jackie Chun is able to deflect it upwards, and with some last words of wisdom, he inexplicably walks out of the itta.

The Pirates’ Song and a Small Whale! After some small talk, Goku demonstrates his speed and strength on Tao.

List of Dragon Ball episodes – Wikipedia

Michael Tatum as Eneru. Yuko Mita as Vinsmoke Niji Young. Pirate Warriors 2 HasPreorders Mar 4, Rokuoku Koe no Ichimi! The first DVD compilation was released on February 21,[2] with individual volumes releasing monthly.

Lindsay Seidel as Boa Sandersonia. As Captain Yellow’s men retrieve the dragon ball, the volcano erupts. Goku and Yamcha beat these dogs to protect Bulma, and on their way out they find Oolong and Puar.


He sees strewming plane fly overhead, and, thinking that it is a bird, goes running after it. When they arrive at the shore, the turtle tells them to wait for him. September Sep 10, Ikuya Sawaki as Fujitora.


Despite their searching, Bulma, Krillin and Goku do not find the dragon dtreaming on the ocean bed. Toonami Loses an Hour of Programming Jan 23, The End of the World Aug 27, Pirate Warriors 3 Aug 18, Chris Hury as Yorki.

Hideyuki Hori as Etreaming eps We Heart Charity Mar 15, The Click – November 24 – 30 Nov 24, Joel McDonald as Bartholomew Kuma. Angela Chase as Inazuma Female. Korin throws Goku’s dragon ball out of the tower forcing Goku to run down and up the tower again.

Season 5, Voyage Four”. Gaku Hamada as Tanaka eps Goku finds some people running away from their village.

Shelf Life – Level Up Mar 21, Goku takes out the monster with his Power Pole and rescues her. Chin is busy fending off Rising Dragon and his two men.

Gurando Rain no Yukue ” Japanese: Jackie Chun reveals that the actual target of his Kamehameha wave was the moon, and not Goku. February 26, — May 21, Lynn Lowin as Jiro eps He resorts to ramming them into the cave walls. Goku eventually reaches the summit of Korin’s tower. Kazue Ikura as Sentoumaru. Their boat runs out of gas, so they have to walk through the desert. Kiyoyuki Yanada as Dick ep The village is safe again but Snow’s parents wonder where the dragon ball was.


The robot flies the plane for Goku as he follows the nearest signal on the dragon radar. Darryl Roberds as Devil Slaver Captain.

He chops down a tree, which falls on Goku. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu all try to escape on the flying fortress. The Red Line” Transcription: Attack on Titan is 5 in U.

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He and the others go out for a meal, and Master Roshi promises the restaurant owner he will pay him with the prize money from the tournament. Bulma snatches the lot and gets frustrated and furious that peisode father is into this, and shreds them up.

Tien grabs Goku and begins to play volleyball with him.