Was it a mole in their group? Nice episode, toradora is still win. If you go in expecting a broad comedy, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the first season, but likely feel let down by the second, because that’s really not what it is at heart. Minori is a spectacle: I don’t know about that and they don’t talk about it. I’m interested to see how Taiga’s storyline with her father plays out. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Gender identity issues might even explain her never-addressed family issues.

Kimagure Orange Road is a good analogy; the TV series had a perfect end, but without the first movie would have been omitting something very important, and while that movie, in turn, seems final, it left some vital character issues unaddressed without the second movie. I sort of disagree with your understanding of Ryuuji’s feelings about Taiga’s dad. Related Recommendations The unexpected tipping of the scales from broad comedy to relatively substantive teen drama is a little unusual; Kimagure Orange Road is easily the closest in terms of having both broad in its case supernatural elements and angsty drama, although its humor is less effective and the drama more self-induced. In fact, Kugimiya also voiced Sabato from that series–the woman is everywhere. Torrent will be removed when coalguys releases. None of the books are available in English as of this writing.

After subs thoughts Ok I changed a little bit on the father opinion after finally seeing the subs.

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BBCode Modified by slayersama, Dec 20, 9: He realized he was projecting on her that’s why he stopped himself and was going to apologize. Toradora never seems to fail to surprise me I was thinking exactly the same thing, the story and characters in themselves are very basic, but it’s so well executed and developped, with absolutely fantastic interactions between characters that it’s always surprinsingly good.


I found her credible and I found that she added something to this episode because of that. Must suck for her to try to get along with her dad for Ryuuji’s sake, then get her own hopes up only for the dad to ditch her performance. It’s actually more so that he wishes he had his dad around and doesn’t want Taiga to take her dad for granted.

Minori’s reaction to that topic was extreme and I did not expect Ryuuji to shout at her like that. But from a character standpoint it didn’t quite make sense; she seemed to have developed flafor the point where she’d do something so inconsiderate, particularly when you consider that the entire finale was, essentially, deciding “We’re in this together. Failed Broadway imitation XD not to mention Ami was being arrogant which I think it toradlra the natural role for her in this play.

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In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same. This is really a painful situation for her. I do think that Ami will see this as her chance and will take it.

Heartbreak, since Ryuuji would naturally refuse Taiga to transfer. The DVDs themselves are simple but have one particularly awesome feature. Second would be of how soft and nice Taiga suddenly became to Ami with her box offering which contained some treats for Ami. That was freaking awesome. Take for example episode 9 where she sees the dream as more of foreshadowing of their future together, hers and Ryuuji.


Remember episode 8 when Ryuuji got hurt in the pool and Taiga declared her feelings for Ryuuji?

Toradora! Episode 12 Discussion

I want to repeat that: I loved this episode. From the car, to the larger home because that entire floor is too small for him, to the candies for Ami-chan, fpavor the eating at expensive restaurants every night. I really need to look up the art direction for this show. It looks like Ryuuji misjudged Taiga’s dad to me. I love the ending, that Taiga’s father didn’t show up, or texted her?

There is also an ongoing manga adaptation with art by Zekkyou, available in English flaor Seven Seas. Minori is nearly as competent and fun incarnate–everything Taiga isn’t, and everything the reserved, domestic Ryuuji wants.

She starts out less tsundere than complete basket case–hurt terribly by parental neglect, she’s distrusting, indiscriminately angry, confused, socially inept, and eplsode in squalor. I didn’t find it lame at all.

You ignored what was being said or something? On to the shows’ episode. Now I understand Taiga’s eyes a lot more at that time.

Just one more thing out of place. I can’t believe Ryuuji never apologized to Minori though.

First we watch Kitamura’s cheerful perfection fall apart in spectacular fashion. I support Taiga and Ryuuji but I do like Ami’s character.

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