Underwhelming stipulation set for Lesnar Vs. Here’s to hoping he keeps this tweener act up! Wolfe has not appeared for the organization since then. For sure the undertaker will not lose as cm punk is an easy opponent compared to hhh n Shawn he has faced in the past. Yey huwi na baat. Saw RAW well it taker finally unleashed on punk! Not excited for it at all.

My History is Not my Destiny Indiegogo http: Cena is winning, hunter is winning, Taker is winning WWE you disappoint me more than ever.. There’s no really writing part going on here. Hopefully, they TNA feel the same. Unfortunately for Orton, The New Nexus crashed the victory party. Winter appears and takes Angelina to the back with her. His charisma is unmatchable, he has more moves than most of the wrestlers currently in WWE, he is one of the hardest worker in the WWE.

Decent Raw, but that crowd!! Will the Network finally reveal the one making all the controversial decisions? The Second City Savior waved him off, though, intent on punishing Orton himself.

I mean just think of all the legends in the past like Hbk, Steve Austin, Rock, Hogan etc desiurlez had the biggest of egos and a strange edge for the lack of a better word they owned guys CM Punk in the past hinted that he plans to retire soon,most likely in according to his one tweet.

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Sting comes out and saves Anderson. My History is Not my Destiny Indiegogo http: Abyss comes out and tries to attack Sting from behind. DO quote me when answering, thanks Try this: Punk vs Taker was by far the best match of the night still not a Wrestlemania classic Anderson insults Hulk Hogan and gets beat ohline.


Klik hier om dit blog bij uw favorieten te plaatsen! Man this mania will gonna be real action just saw the raw and drama betwen punk and undrtaker and the more intresting matcg. You can check out a pic of Waltman as the Kid below: Angle used the key to open the door, but Karen came down and blinded him with some kind of spray!

The looks on the faces of Orton and Sheamus were priceless. Melina posted the following message yesterday on her Twitter account in response to the negativity she has been engulfed with as of late. Jarrett went to escape, but Kurt locked in the Ankle Lock again – but Karen slammed the door on Kurt’s head – allowing Jeff Jarrett to escape and get the win!

He has such a huge passion and love for this business. When Kelly Kelly gained the advantage over the English-born Diva outside the ring, Michelle opted to throw her war-torn partner-in-flawless back into action. Love the chemistry between the two.

Even better than I anticipated.

The Rock will layeth the smackdown for the people’s elbow. The Prime Time Wwatch have showcased their comedic skills over recent weeks, insulting pretty much every tag team in WWE. No, not with news of the impending, historic royal nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Before him, the whole ladders match thing with him and the Hardys and that Edge and Christian phase…. The positive Superstars will have to defend their coveted championship against five other tn, all clamoring to become the new faces of WWEs tag team division.

Watched Elimination Chamber Chamber was excellent but The Shield put up the most impressive performance of the night Punk vs Rock got too boring for me. And I still can’t emphasize how awesome the chants were: Dont get too excited, Ziggler will be a coward heel champion and will probably lose the title back to ADR within 2 months.


HBO maakt film over productie ‘The Godfather’. Mickie James became the new champion by defeating Madison Rayne in under a minute!

I don’t remember the last time I watched an episode of RAW without skipping anything. Why the hell does Big E has a mom butt lol: You see the guys do the crazy stuff like that all the time and its like they think nothing of it…. Although he did just tweet it At first, I could’ve sworn it was Daniel Bryan with his beard cut short. The referee ejected Karen Deesirulez from ringside before the match.

Best match of the PPV was, by far: No holds barred is too qatch. HHH vs Lesner predictable match but still better than the so called Main event Bad luck Punk Another thing expect Fandango to be the next big thing Every bout between them is great!

Anna Brewster Star Wars: Haha oh lockdowh, that was hilarious as well.

TNA Lockdown 2012 part2

He isn’t done with it though. Serious Cena is so much better! Both of them had fallen to alcohol and drug abuse.

Thank God it happened.