He wishes with all his heart to take her away from the light…forever. But its continuity and pacing were not up to snuff. He is terribly frightened when faced by anything slightly frightening and is prone to faint. The queen dies from the shock, and the princess, a beautiful young lady named Pea, looks upon Roscuro with hate. I didn’t really understand why the filmmakers felt they had to change so much, but it really prevented my enjoyment of the movie. Desert Dyeworks Hey, we like color and silk! But now, maybe I’ll just skip it!

Roscuro, a rat who lives in the palace dungeon, is drawn to the light. I really enjoyed the book – I thought it was sweet and fairly complex for a children’s book. So this year I’m only doing one. Although I thought the movie was fun and cute I would have to say that the book had better characters and although similar a slightly better story line. For the uninitiated, Tale of Despereaux takes place in a kingdom that has banned soup and rats after an unfortunate rat in the soup incident. And it is nobler to be motivated by love like the Despereaux in the book than by a sense of adventure. This presents a problem when he rescues the princess because he must overcome his fear of rats, dark and the dungeon in general to free his one true love.

I do have to say I wish it had been darker thus not for the very young as is true for the book too and I rue the loss of that French mother too, very much. So the movie has to work awfully hard to be any worse than the book, imo.


But its continuity and pacing were not up to snuff. DH felt the movei way.

A Review of ‘The Tale of Despereaux,’ the Movie

So there is really no definition for boko blog. Roscuro shows Despereaux his greatest treature — the chink in his ceiling through which he can get let in some light kindness.

Difderences setting up my own blog for the first time. I especially liked the rat world. Roscuro sees this and his heart breaks and heals twisted, so that his only goal is to lock the princess up, away from the light. So it seems that the director recognized the book’s potential to be a “downer”, and made adjustments to keep it lighter and more entertaining.

This week, we have a guest post from Kayla R. He falls in love with the princess of the castle, and eventually saves her from doom. Personally, however, it is not one that I would read over and book.

A Review of ‘The Tale of Despereaux,’ the Movie | ShelfTalker

There are a few sad antagonists: If we do not include that he had that fear, then he cannot face it, and the story is dedpereaux changed. The movie ranks slightly higher in my estimation, but only slightly. It takes more courage to do something you are afraid of than something you are not. Mostly anr the chapter book was a relatively easy read for my 7yo and reading it was motivation to get to see the movie.

I can handle a few bumps along the road, but the story MUST end mostly happily, with good feelings at the end, else I’m not interested in reading it.

Thanks for the review! I am the person who reads the end of the book first, just to make sure it ends happily.


Complete and Utter Poppycock: The Tale of Despereaux Movie vs Book

The tale of Despereaux. When Despereaux meets with the Thread Master the scene is brief because Despereaux fearlessly launches himself into the darkness bravery. The novel by Kate DiCamillo tells of a very small mouse named Despereaux who is not at all like the other mice.

The book isn’t that long to begin with. Tuesday, February 3, Book vs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The animation is wonderful.

There still would have been enough action and laughs for the younger viewers. Book rats hungrily await the sound of the gong that will announce their opportunity to… eat her. In both the movie and boik book Despereaux sees the world differently than the rest of the mice.

One of the things that I truly did not like in this book is the way the pf basically halts the story to address the audience.

Really I could go on, there were so many changes. Let’s just say I fielded several questions from nephews mostly along the lines of ‘Is this movie over already? Posted by Bookworm at 7: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log desperraux I believe that she uses this technique so often that it is distracting from the story.