Homer and Marge discover the secret to reigniting their sex life. Traditional horror movie characters such as Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, and Dracula roam the streets of Springfield on Halloween night. After Apu is killed, the Simpsons drive on but run out of gas, walking the rest of the way to the safe zone. After improving his physique, Homer attempts to climb a treacherous mountain. Homer thinks he can net a fortune by recycling grease. As the Christmas holiday approaches Homer decides to gamble on a “hunch” at the dog track when his annual Christmas bonus is canceled.

Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield was a vicious pirate. The Simpsons tell three bloodcurdling tales of horror on Halloween night. Bart purchases a worthless Itchy and Scratchy animation cell. Homer decides to gamble on a “hunch” at the dog track when his annual Christmas bonus is canceled. Homer enters Lisa in a beauty pageant when her self-esteem plummets. Season 7 25 Episodes This season is available in 4:

Springfield Elementary closes its doors for financial reasons, only to reopen when a mysterious organization steps in to help. Bart finally finds shelter at a crowded playground carousel, but is left at Lisa’s mercy when the other watchcartoononlind leave to get ice cream.

Lisa and the 8th Commandment Lisa disapproves when Homer has cable television installed illegally into their home. The children of Springfield rebel after Wiggum enforces a curfew.

Burns attempts to win adoration by transporting the Loch Ness monster to Springfield. Nahasapeemapetilons In an effort to annul an arranged marriage, Apu tells his mother he wed Marge.

Twenty-eight days later, Springfield has become overrun by zombies. Homer uses an automatic telephone dialer for an electronic panhandling scheme.

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Marge becomes addicted to playing slot machines after the town of Springfield legalizes gambling. The Simpsons must choose between frills and their dog when Santa’s Little Helper needs an expensive operation to save its life. Ned Flanders opens a store for left-handed people and Homer is overjoyed when it performs poorly.


However, the people there believe that cannibalizing Bart will save them from the virus. But to her horror, Ralph develops a crush on her. Marge discovers the pleasures of driving a sport utility vehicle until aggressive highway habits cost her.

When the foundation to the Simpsons’ house is need of an expensive repair, Marge takes a position at the power plant where Homer works.

Homer obtains a helper monkey. Lisa exhibits signs of stress when she is forced into sharing her brother’s bedroom.

4 Treehouse of Horror XX

In a parody of Strangers on a Train, Lisa wants revenge after being sent to detention by Ms. The Simpsons think of another solution: Lisa is saddened by the death of blues great Bleeding Gums Murphy. Homer is elected union leader at the power plant and tries to save the dental plan so he will not have to pay for Lisa’s new braces. Season 3 24 Episodes This season is available in 4: Homer recounts his phenomenal rise to superstardom as a member of the barbershop quartet, The Be Sharps.

Lisa fears she is genetically predisposed watchcarrtoononline lose her intelligence. After attending the annual company picnic, Homer becomes jealous of fellow employees with ‘normal’ families.

The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 4 – Treehouse of Horror XXI

While listening to one of Reverend Lovejoy’s sermons on a sweltering Easter Sunday morning, the Simpsons fall asleep and envision themselves as characters from the Bible. After being expelled from an investment club, Marge starts her own pretzel franchise. Malibu Stacy Lisa manufactures her own talking doll for little girls.


Toggle navigation The Ohrror. Bart attends a Spinal Tap concert. Homer emerges, alive, despite being impaled by Moe’s microbrew machine, hurls a dummy of Moe across the room, and th with Marge. Cadets give Lisa the “silent treatment” when she enrolls in an all-male military academy. Marge becomes addicted to eavesdropping on cellular phone conversations.

Lisa seeks to end a local holiday in which snakes are chased into town and beaten with sticks. Burns, tdeehouse turning him into a zombie himself.

Burns into his new bowling league. During a Halloween party, the Simpsons tell three horrifying tales of the macabre.

Apu uses a frozen Jasper as a tourist attraction. Burns build a recycling center after a series of bad investments costs the multimillionaire his fortune. Australia Bart must apologize to the country of Australia after he tricks a boy from down under into accepting an expensive collect call. Bart attempts to upstage Lisa when the pair co-host a children’s news program.

Patty and Selma Homer is forced to borrow money from Patty and Selma after he wipes out the family’s savings by investing in pumpkins. Troy McClure hosts three spin-offs from “The Simpsons” television show. Marge is jailed when she is convicted of stealing from Apu’s convenience store. Homer decides to gamble on a “hunch” at the dog track when his annual Christmas bonus is canceled. Troy McClure hosts this special th episode, which includes the first-ever cartoon shorts, trivia questions, and never-before-seen footage.

As the Christmas holiday approaches

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