Member feedback about Kim Sung-ryung: The epilogue in this episode retains that beautiful, sad, yet hopeful vibe of the rest of the drama. The narrator fills us in on the historical tidbit that Prince So-hyun died a suspicious death as soon as he returned home, a circumstance oft-explored in other works, though it is a mere footnote in this story. Mother and son take a meandering path home, enjoying the day — which means that when Iljimae arrives home, the house is empty. She is ahead of her times and displays a strong, charismatic personality and a burning defiance against evil people. Early life The son of a former television news anchorman, Jung Il-woo studied Broadcasting at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, then later dropped out and transferred to the Theater and Film department of Hanyang University. The Book of the Three Hans —

Again, Iljimae turns to go, and this time Wang hurriedly stops him. Download the latest version here. Gunman in Joseon TV Series The guests liked Park singing, so they visited Park’s family restaurant often. Member feedback about Oh Chang-seok: How in the heck did this drama manage to be so brilliant from the first episode thru to the 24th? She was defiled by her master, a noble, and after giving birth, her baby was taken away from her. Set during the Joseon Dynasty, Yong acted as a hooligan in the marketplace by day but at night he was a thief who robbed corrupted government officials to give to the poor.

What a beautiful ending to wrap up this beautiful series. In any case, a masked man actor Jung Il-woo infiltrates a building, saves a hostage, and fights off bad guys, all while being observed by a Lois Lane-type photographer Yoon Jin-seo. The Kingdom of the Winds — Thanks so much for finishing this wonderful drama! On one occasion, the group attracts the notice of patrolling guards, so Iljimae squares off against the guards while the people run for safety, and fells the guards easily with his trusty shurikens.


T-Max released an album, an EP, five singles, some of which have songs different from its title, and several soundtrack singles for television shows such as Boys Over Flowers, Detectives in Trouble, and Master of Study.

In Hanyang ov capitalwe have a villain on the rampage, this ogre-ish giant who terrorizes with his brute strength and, yes, actual baby-eating. Please enter your username or email address.

While I have not watched the whole series yet waiting for subs for later eps from what I have seen so lf, along with your recaps, this series is highly likely to be amongst my favourites for the year. Notify me of new comments via email. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Assigned male at birth, Harisu identified as female from early childhood, and underwent sex reassignment surgery in the s. I believe the man who originally told the servant to kill the child was Iljimae’s natural father. He attempts some traditional fighting maneuvers, but his blows hardly register on the giant, so it takes some swift moving to get eynopsis better of him.

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Keol-chi offers to keep waiting, and sends Wol-hee and Young home first. The plot, the acting, directing, music, and cinematography Member feedback about Yoon Jin-seo: I’ll rewatch before long and enjoy it all over again.

The Return of Iljimae

Lee Hyun-woo born March 23, is a South Korean actor and singer. This includes Iljimae, so rhe is longer a fugitive. Episodes by odilettante. I ate up every word!!

The Return of Iljimae | Revolvy

Anxiously, Wol-hee asks the proprietor where this came from, who brought it by, needing to track him down right iljjimae. It is the third television channel created by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and started broadcasting on December 4, Member feedback about Yoon Jong-hoon: Iljinae you so much for the recaps!


His first love dies tragically and after living an aimless life due to his broken heart, he meets Wol-hee, who is very similar to his first love. After tracing his roots back to Korea, his father rejects him once more. He was previously a high ranking marshal with great law enforcement authority.

Thanks for the intro to both them, My Aunt Mary and many others!! The channel broadcast major Iranian sport events, mini-series, comedies, and movies both foreign and domestic. Not that Il-Woo saw Iljimae as being that type of character, more that he wanted a less depressed, inner struggling, anguish stricken, transitional adolescent.

It’s been a great experience, first watching these eps and then reading your recaps and thoughts. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. She throws away the jewelry that her master gave her to buy her silence and becomes a gisaeng. Living an isolated existence and hiding his face behind a mask to be a hero to the people, in Iljimae’s life there is one woman who reconnects him to the world: South Korean drama television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain South Korean romantic comedy television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain South Korean television series debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.