This film had a lot of funny moments. You either love it or you hate. Ashland Follow me on Twitter moviesmarkus. I didn’t make the movie, so why waste my time talking about what I would have done differently because I’ll never get the chance to. The music cues are embarrassingly overdone Wait I think I just remembered what the movie was about

Truthfully, I haven’t wanted to like a movie this much and been so very disappointed by the result since “Battle LA”. Confucius says, stick to rapping. The acting was okay, but I think the best job goes to Lucy Lui and Russell Crowe because they gave the best performances. The fighting and action were awesome. I’m not sure if it was because I was blown away by RZA’s acting or because I was too busy trying to figure out why Russell Crowe was in the movie at all. I also would have preferred someone else to narrate. RZA is no writer: But on the other hand, it wouldn’t shock me if it were to come to light that Tarantino had given RZA the money, called up a few of his actor buddies, and told Eli Roth to make his script readable, as a repayment for RZA’s work on the Kill Bill soundtracks.

But even this story takes a hit, as it becomes overcomplicated by RZA’s dreadful storytelling abilities.

Produced not directed or written by Quentin Tarantino so you know it’s going to be bad “The Man with the Iron Fists”, Wu Tang Clan member RZA’s first try behind the camera, doesn’t disappoint as far as “bad” movies go. All they care about is if it’s worth their ten, fifteen, twenty dollars. Some of the dialogue was cheesy and even certain points in the movie, you kind of whisper to yourself “Really?!

In saying that, every scene with RZA, is almost comically stunted by his inability to hold his own around A and B-list actors and actresses. At times it’s so bad that one would wonder how Quentin Tarantino thought it fiets a good idea to financially back this project at all.

It would have been nice to have a more detailed plot. Those nappy ass wigs that the Tye Clan made me want to chew bricks.

Congratulations, RZA on your first film. What I expected to see was some decent fight choreography back-dropped with a sick soundtrack, perhaps some old school Wu-Tang Clan tracks. The acting is very broad and simplistic, which I guess is to be expected given the things RZA expects them to say. The fighting and action were awesome.


I do realize the intention of a film like “The Man with the Iron Fists” is to champion a hardy slathering of over-the-topness, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is quietly one of the worst directed films of the year. The plot is so diffuse While the classic Martial Arts film pocnapisi itself is interesting, the script co-written by RZA himself, as well as Eli Roth Tarantino’s protege is rather weak. RZA, kron alongside an obese Russell Crowe and Cung Le which should tell you all you need to know in this rather poor grindhouse homage to old Kung Fu movies, narrates the simplistic story of a black blacksmith RZA who must protect his village from a deadly band of assassins.

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Now from what I recall on the soundtrack part, it just did not deliver. This mess of a film also stars Lucy Liu, who is by far the most tolerable character, playing the Madam of the town brothel. Lastly, whenever you’re reading a review, make sure you learn how to decipher an authentic review from that of an upcoming filmmaker.

The dialogue was horrible see quote from above and the plot was This is truly an exercise in visual and structural wih, which could only be the work of an amateur filmmaker.

He did okay on some parts but on others he was very dry. It had everything an action flick should have, great action, great costumes, great weapons, solid plot and good actors.

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The dialogue is half nonsensical exposition, half nauseating one-liners. And while Roth has never been a master of the spoken word himself, it becomes all too obvious between which lines of dialogue RZA has subtitels and which are insertions from Roth, when a character goes on a stiff 5 minute rant that ends with a rather Tarantino-esque one-liner.

Some characters weren’t established well enough to care for them, but with me I didn’t want to poxnapisi I just wanted to see some flying kicks and daggers.

But when your story hangs on by a thread and your directing is suspect, the sporadic occurrence of intense brutality doesn’t so much come off as shocking, as much as it adds to usbtitles clunkiness of the film. The plot was solid, nothing complex or in depth like Inception or Dark Knight but who really expects a complex plot from an action movie.


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The music cues are embarrassingly overdone Wait I think I just remembered what the movie was about The film fails in tying together any of these frayed threads and also fails to make what happens in any of them significant or sensible.

But even as a visual spectacle or stylistic effort, it doesn’t fistts very well. A Dists Action Film I didn’t expect much from his acting irno he did an okay job nonetheless.

This film had a lot of funny moments. Overall, the movie is just a fun flick to go see on a Friday night. I’m not sure if it was because I was blown away by RZA’s acting or because I was too busy trying to figure out why Russell Crowe was fisgs the movie at all. But not even Liu playing a watered down version of her character in “Kill Bill: Well, the fact that the entire movie distractingly switches back and forth from English to Mandarin I am only speculating for reasons unexplained to the viewer, is the first of many head shakingly dreadful decisions made by RZA.

That was just a creative choice made by the director and I can respect that.

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Now, RZA does use some stylized camera techniques that obtain a semblance of that cool-factor he is looking for, but yet again, problems arise when he uses them in subritles.

But for a more in-depth breakdown, the following is a very brief that is, if you enjoy long rants analysis of RZA’s first film: So, if anything, his own script asks too much of him. He has made the unfortunate mistake of imitating a genre he loves without understanding what irom it work.

I’m sure he can’y do anything but get better. Also because I am a huge Wu-Tang fan. Reading all the reviews, I can’t understand what people were expecting this movie to be.