The dinner comes to a screeching halt. A giant banner unravels: The assassins spy the king and queen out for a walk on the beach, and set their trap in the house, putting something in the fireplace. Hang-ah and Jae-shin scene is the most touching scene for me too. I totally spoiled it!!!! I second your wish to hear them sing together. Also, they slept together after an emotional connection, something that is rather natural as well. I mean, what is the meaning of aegyo?

Plus, HA has shown how vulnerable she is to him, loves him more than he loves her, and their first time would affect her way more than what we saw the morning after. And now to see her lively daughter like this. She says they can just look at hers together, and shows him the adorable couple picture of Jae-kang and his wife, laughing. Just my 2 cents. And then Dad walks out of the palace, and Hang-ah looks out from her window to see him go. The boy does his duality of angst and humor very well.

I mean if they were on vacation, they probably didn’t want to have people watching them be lovey dovey with each other. King with NO security. Lol I can’t get enough of TK2H!

Eh, maybe a little too deep for a drama but it’s a testament to Lee Sung min’s talent since he got me to connect with a non-main character on such a visceral level that I’m actually wishing he was the king in “K2H. And imagine how difficult this position will be for JH to be caught in between his country and the woman that he loves. I would say that imagining our own story telling about the drama we are watching is still part tye the fun, however.

As some have mentioned, he might have to choose between his country and his woman, or epdramaa might get close to that. I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the drama it was Jae-shin who would help Hang-ah for her childbirth.


Gordon April 14, at 1: You can just feel her terror and her pain, and her struggle to be tough, knowing what Jae-ha has to become. Were the security guys all at lunch or something? And as Jaeha’s born with foot-in-mouth-disease, I’m sure many people realize that both Jaeha’s or HangAh’s line is a sarcasm over the truth of facts in South Korea. Thanks for the reply, GF.

The King 2 Hearts

Meaning she doesn’t have faith in Jae-Ha’s feelings for her yet. Lee seungi has improved a lot on his acting. The sparks are there too, but if she couldn’t kick his butt, he couldn’t take refuge in her. We hope love will happen, but it is not guaranteed.

I agree, there are many lame loopholes that I don’t buy at all Eun Kyu-tae, are you fucking kidding me?! Heartss can literally feel JH willing himself with every thing he has not to cry, even as the realisation of his brother’s death starts to overwhelm him Bong Goo pulls up to the Palace and is brought in to meet Jae Ha.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 8 Recap

I had the exact same thoughts, but I think the discussion is pretty spot on: Yup — the deed has been done. If the writer’s original intention is to tell us that they’re already in LOVE in episode 8, then I wouldn’t be able to accept that. As I see it, his father wasn’t a good person either, as the president of a company which deals with weapons.

But he just yanks her onto the bed into his arms. Remember what JaeHa said as HangAh treated his wounded leg during the 60km run… then JaeShin said the same thing as HangAh eldrama her and straightened her up!

Korean viewers, well this might explain some of it. Especially Jae Ha, even though we as audiences can feel his feelings towards Hang Ah, but he doesn’t clearly express it to her in the drama. ,ing Hang-ah busies herself in the royal greenhouse, as aides gather around her with pleas for her to do nothing, as requested by the queen mother.


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I have seen too many Western Spy films and mini series. Hang-Ah skill will be usefull Somebody save me before my motherboard fries.

Mystisith April 13, at 3: Him showing that or at least indicating that he knew that and understood that and him having shown in some subsequent episodes that he was mature enough to handle her in that way meaning handle her first time being intimate. Not eipsode belittle rooftop prince but they are not so in the dame league.

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Jae-ha gets down on his knees and grabs his leg. Choi Min Supporting Cast. Hang-ah asks an aide if she can be of any help, and asks where she can be of most use, desperate to do something, anything.

I would have wanted the bed scene to be made a big deal out of because it was the first time for Hang Ah and I wanted Jae Ah to treat it accordingly. We were mourning throughout this whole episode so it’d be rather crass to include intimate details of their sleeping together. I just can’t stand watching him so annoying. Your email address will not be published. The Queen Mother is in the car heading back when she finally breaks heart and starts gasping and crying, with Shi Kyung sitting up front and hearing this.

When she does remember, it was too late or something which made her wanting to kill epusode