I can’t even remember crying this much for a book. She took a Greyhound bus to Austin, Texas, and married her boyfriend a few weeks later. The comments he made, the actions he took, his whole evil plan – I found myself rolling my eyes at how stupid of a character he was. And you don’t want Abbey to be like her. Makes her character very unique from all the others that I have read. I was so engrossed in it that I finished it in one day. In the second book, when everyone thinks Abbey’s gone crazy, even Abbey, your heart is with her.

At least once, if not two or more times during his one day. I’m not suggesting that we burn books with suicide, but this book was really pushing it. And could this secret have led to her death? I didn’t realize it was third in a trilogy until I got home from the library, but I thought I’d giv I came across a book that was Twilight but worse: This site uses cookies. The cool, calm and collected Dr. Any-who, I finished The Hollow in two long, uninspired days to be left feeling entirely disappointed and with more then a few question marks looming overhead.

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Just disappointed a little. Then things start getting weirder, when some mysterious boy she’s never seen before shows up at Kristen’s funeral I know there are some mixed reviews about it, but from my point of view, It is a really good book and I enjoyed pot I thought these characters clearly have a story to tell, so I started writing.

The bulk of the book is about nothing.

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The characters grief wasn’t dulled down, so it made Abby more believable. View all 9 comments. All of me the most romantic thing anyone could ever say. I guess, in a way, it was sort holloq Abbey moving on from Kristin, but the girls were never really that close.

Yet I am disappointed. As the same for her aunt Marjorie, because sh I have this one on my Kindle Fire and the other two are normal paperbacks. How could Vereay have kept silent about so much? HShe was genuinly funny verdzy at times, quite witty. Again the scenes between Caspian and Abby are Amazing! However, the interesting premise goes right out of the window the holliw Abbey meets a mysterious strange boy and – of course – immediately and automatically falls in love with him.


Quotes from The Hidden. There is little payoff though from the loose ends from the first book. The Hidden picks up exactly where The Haunted left off. Will Abbey run Abbey’s Hollow like shes so despratley dreamed for the longest time? I definitely didn’t expect all of that!! Plus, the image of Caspian’s hair was impossible to summon!

They just coasted along revealing little bits and pieces tue the mystery but I never got really excited about any of it. Forget about the dead best friend – there is a boy to swoon about. The mom was pretty much an awful character.

The characters are all so real and they are holkow story’s so im beting The Hidden will be great to. The Hollow by Jessica Verday.

What if this girl liked to make perfumes? Jessica Verday has delivered a strong debut and a wonderful taster of great things to come. View all 12 comments. Add to his enigma? I have this book and have heard tthe mixed reviews about it.

The Hollow

The character is pretty strange, which is usually a good thing, but here, she’s strange to the point where she’s creepy. I also really liked Abbey. Abbey was disgustingly rude and spoilt. Well if you said YES, then this is the series for you!!

Twenty-year-old Sarah does not share the same sentiments. It’s her bond with Kristen, however, that’s now stopping her. Dec 29, SimBim rated it it was ok.

What teenage boy is that awesome? I mean, he pops in and out of nowhere, with one or two words, and it’s supposed to mean something?! As she walks up stairs bare foot he has put rose petals leading the way and the room is light by tons of candles and he is standing in a tux.


Mar 28, Marzie marked it as to-read. Feb 02, Jude rated it really liked it. A few months later her body I’d known about this book for months before it ever came out.

Jessica Verday gave me such an amazing ending that Holoow would never have Wow!! It clearly was a trilogy and will stay a trilogy.

What you should have done is walked away and let the dead be dead and the dead move on. The grief is still present, so is the love story. First off, let me say this is probably going to turn into more of a rambling than a review and also that it will most likely contain spoilers.

Okay, I’d keep the perfume part in – it is original and interesting, but the rest is just filler that bogs down the book and bloats the story that should have occupied a compact few hundred pages into three way-too-long books yes, I’ve read the entire trilogy – only because I wanted to know how this dragged out story ends. Things start to happen to Caspian that they don’t understand and the revenants want explain what is happening. I want Abby to get a backbone and be the heroine in her own story.

With the Headless Horseman and all the crazy twists’. I’m sorry if this is just a huge rant about how much I hate Abbey. Jessica Verday delivers a strong debut with The Hollowa dark and delicate story about one girl’s journey through love, life, and grief, while living in the eerie town of Sleepy Hollow. It engrossed me in such a way that I remember going back to the bookstore to purchase the second book right after I finished the last page.

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