Don’t have an account? Is a very dramatic actress. To change it up a bit, we learn about the origin of witches…and, the result of greedy wishes. Michael, MN United States. Sign In x Returning Customers. Finds a talking fish but is not wise about the wishes she chooses. Lafayette High School Drama Dept. Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Review.

At the end there is a two minute recap of the whole play. He is a bit of a geek and thinks he knows a lot about women. Are you informed about the options for elective classes? Pleasant, MI United States. Crazytown by Jonathan Rand. This was until the very end when Cinderella stole the show, for she insisted on telling another version of the story, her version, where she and Prince Charming lived happily ever after. To change it up a bit, we learn about the origin of witches…and, the result of greedy wishes. The cast did an incredible job with help from a superior tech group.

Two narrators attempt to recreate all of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm in a wild, fast-paced extravaganza. Katy, TX United States.

Lafayette High School Drama Dept. Sign In x Returning Customers. Nashville School Of The Arts: Myers, FL United States. Greater Portland Christian School S. Diamond High School Theatre Dept. They should know better.

Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Review – The Chief

Fairy tales are morality plays, pure and simple, but not a very accurate depiction of society then or now. For more information on eScripts, please visit our Help page. Don Zolidis “My name is Geimm Zolidis and I’m a playwright, screenwriter, and former middle and high school teacher.

If he is directing, he likes straight plays as opposed to musicals. See ” eScript Details ” below for more information. Cloud, MN United States. Sells dirt which the Girl cannot afford.


The number of prints that you are allowed will correspond with the number of eScript Printable Editions that you order. A full-length version of this play is also available. Also, the Brother’s Grimm Spectaculathon has been translated into Synopssi and published in Switzerland.

Is slightly perverted but very attractive when human. Of English Chennai, India. Winchester, MA United States. I write comedies and dramas, although at the moment I seem to be mostly known for my comedies. If you have not done so already, before downloading spextaculathon purchased eScripts you will need to create a free Adobe Account and download Adobe Digital Editions.

Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Review. Newer Post Older Post Home. He does not care when his daughter is taken. As a staff commercial announcer in radio and television he has done hundreds of regional commercials as well as many national and some international spots for the U.

Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute The fourth wall was broken within seconds of the beginning of the first scene, and the audience was directly addressed numerous times by the narrators and characters.

One day, he and his friend found snow white under the spell. Pleasant, MI United States. And the final scene: Louis, MO United States. Has a deep voice. Though almost never seen by the audience, in this e The Grimm Brothers Spectaculathon was a surprisingly inspirational show that left the audience thinking of fairy tales in a new light.

There are two narrators who present the stories, although they often find themselves involved in the stories. Paul, MN United States.


Play Details Two narrators attempt to recreate all of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm in a wild, fast-paced extravaganza. The story addressed topics such as suicide, peer pressure, and well as brimm. You may also like. Sara GowenStaff Writer October 10, Winner, Missouri State Readers Theatre championship Fun Facts about the World Series.

Makes a deal with the Girl for Rapunzel’s soul. As you can tell from the pictures, everything looked great. She is a feminist and lock Rapunzel away to protect her from the harsh outside spevtaculathon. And, the theatre serves cake at intermission! Audience spedtaculathon was the highest during this story as characters would do the opposite of what the audience were told to shout. Later, editors considered some material too raw for readers refused to publish it. She helped the beings in exchange for money, a prince, and a debt respectively, which she refused to ask about.

This daughter becomes Lil Red.

The Bridge Players Theatre Company’s Scandalous Take on The BROTHERS GRIMM

Other stories included Hansel and Gretel, where both characters were played by actors of the opposite gender. She is disgusted by the Frog Spectaculxthon and believes she has gone crazy when he speaks to her. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Location Filter by State.