Kevin’s anxiety gets the better of him and he and Dynasty bicker over their very different ideas about the future. Josh persuades Tom to let him leave Waterloo Road and spread his wings. Final appearance of Tariq Siddiqui. Series 8 — Autumn”. Following Michael’s hit-and-run, Jez is the prime suspect. Is he after their cash?

New headmaster Michael Byrne arrives at Waterloo Road with big ambitions to improve the school, bringing with him a team of high-achieving teachers including newly-weds Jez and Sian Diamond and former Waterloo Road teacher Matt Wilding. Michael is impressed when Trudi protests against his anti-gang measures, Tom tackles Josh’s problem with drugs and Matt faces fatherhood sooner than expected. Michael himself is trying to keep his distance from Linda and is troubled when Sian accepts Linda’s help to input the grades. Kacey is selected for the Commonwealth Games but Gabriella soon puts an end to her happiness. Candidate, Nikki’s disciplinarian approach gets results, but Tom takes offence when she offers him some words of advice about Josh. This article lists the characters and the actors who portray them from the award-winning BBC television series Waterloo Road. Chalky and Kevin prepare for a visit from the social worker, but Kevin’s hopes for a happy future seem to be dashed when he finds out some dirt on Chalky’s past. She’s unwashed, hungry and sleeping in class, and when Chris finds out that she’s working as a drug courier he steps in to rescue her from her feckless family.

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When Danilo fails to show up to football practice, Phoenix lets slip to Tom about the marriage and it is a race against time to find the happy couple. When Tom and Wateeloo discover his plans, they face a race against time to stop him before it’s too late. Chalky and Kevin prepare for a visit from the social worker, but Kevin’s hopes for a happy future seem to be dashed when he finds out some dirt on Chalky’s past.


Kevin is a bag of nerves as his university bursary interview looms, despite the legendary Chalky arriving to lend his support. Serie Dynasty embarrasses her in front of hunky Hector, Gabriella declares war and begins to sabotage Dynasty’s friendships and schoolwork.

Ronan and Finn try to mend their broken hearts by planning to get some girls at Phoenix’s house party, but this goes wrong when Finn gets drunk and embarrasses himself in front of Trudi. Michael is forced to install extra security measures at the school due to the escalating gang violence. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sonya, unable to cope with her guilt any longer, admits her affair with Ndale to a devastated Audrey, who decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway.

This series also marks the departure of Grantly Budgenthe last of the original cast members.

George introduces the school to his new Mandarin siddiquii assistant, and wife, Princess Windsor, who is immediately popular with some of his class. De La Calie Instrumental. With her sights firmly set on hot new PE teacher Hector, this is one girl who won’t blend into the school furniture.

Member feedback about Waterloo Road TV series: In a rare moment of mutual understanding Tariq confesses to Finn that he was bullied while he was in the young offenders unit, but the pair’s new friendship doesn’t last long when Tariq discovers the truth about Finn and Trudi’s relationship. Member feedback about Waterloo Road series 3: Init was confirmed that the 10th series of Waterloo Road would be the last. Gordon Angus Deayton ; born 6 January [1] is an English actor, writer, musician, comedian, and broadcaster.

It’s the day of the school fun run and Jez’s star athlete Mercedes has been training hard to impress him. At the same time, Alan Dixon is at Waterloo Road to conduct a review for the Local Education Authority, but things aren’t looking good for the school when he sees what state Shelby and Madi are in — Shelby is his daughter. Michael is appreciative of Sian’s support when a newspaper article announces his salary. Watreloo is decision day at Waterloo Road sidriqui the staff nervously await the Local Authority’s decision on whether to close the school.


A third series was commissioned, con Waterloo Road ran for 10 series, episodes and exactly 9 years.

List of Waterloo Road episodes. Later, as the school’s conversion into new, luxury apartments gets underway, both staff and students considering the move take a trip to Scotland to visit the new school.

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Serjes most commonly refers to: Meanwhile, with Maggie’s support and Imogen’s blessing, Connor is beaming from his job offer in London. Lola Run Slow Motion.

Sian and Michael wake up late, having spent the night together in a hotel. Waterloo Road’s first series aired in the United Kingdom on Thursdays at 8: Connor returns to school following confessing to arson, and struggles as part of the PRU.

Waterloo Road (series 7)

While there were several unsuccessful attempts to combine the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, following the establishment of the Region of Waterloo there was less motivation to do so. Having woken up from his coma, Grantly shocks everyone, especially Maggie, by refusing siddiqki accept the offer of Tom’s healthy kidney. Michael asks Christine out on a date, while Nikki is furious when her car is stolen; and she instantly blames Scout.

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