Episode 6 Console Ryu For everyone. Thanks to Zenny for first Wife Points Mission correction. If you add up the points you get only in total. Kirishima Hiyori Saturday, 20 February at Flash him a smile. Episode 4 Thank him.

Wouldn’t you be interested too? You gave me a piece of celery. Unknown September 28, at 4: The ending you get is not affected by the type of story you choose during the Avatar Missions. I’ve realized my true feelings. Because I left the house alone. Takao’s Country Check Series.

A Letter with No Name A: Want to Support Us? Takao Maruyama Season 2. Episode 7 Andromeda I love you. If they are not, please feel free to let me know so that it can be corrected.

Takao Maruyama Season 2 [My Forged Wedding PARTY]

The rest of the points needed are made up on your own by either leveling up, buying with real money or waiting for chemistry fever every reform campaign.

How funny Yuta was. I’m sorry for my bad english. I mean, seriously, Solmare My Morning Back to Work B: You’re more suited to being in front of the camers, Yuta. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’ll let you know, if I think of anything.

CG PremiumLetter. Zen ri January 14, at 2: I don’t want to get in your way either. The other answer will give you 5 Chemistry. Episode 9 Wait until he brings it up Am I not reliable to you? The Added Ring No selection. Episode 6 Squeeze his hand back Yes, we should let them.


Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Takao Maruyama Season 2

I was inspired by the way you guys were cheering him up. Play dumb and say, “who knows? Say, “I can’t wait,” without any hesitation. Flash him a smile. Chemistry values needed for each ending are Super Happy End: A Memory on the Balcony B: Is the first I heard of it but only been playing for few months Episode 4 Obediently stand where he tells you to I love him too. Choosing to take the Normal Route will not make it harder or impossible for you to reach the Super Walkthroubh End.

[My Forged Wedding: PARTY] Takao Maruyama Season 2 Main Story Guide | NooBabble

Episode 8 I was just thinking how cool he looks. Episode 11 Need to be cautious. Ask him directly Episode 9 Gently kiss him Thanks. Don’t worry about me. You’re the reason I seson work so hard Episode 6 Console Ryu For everyone. I’ve followed your walkthrough but all i got is only Is there anything wrong here? Episode 1 Get upset I was hoping to see you.


Flash him a smile. To get the Happy End you need Chemistry. Episode 1 Eat it all by yourself Get mad and hide your embarrassment Episode 2 There you go treating me like a child. December mariyama, Invite Code: I thought it was cute.

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That makes it even more sad. Zen ri September 28, at Tear Stained Sunset B: Share to a social network STEP 2: My Morning Fakao to Work. During Double Chemistry Fever, you will be given 20 Chemistry for the right answer and 10 Chemistry for the other answer. You gave me a piece of celery. Episode 5 All girls walktnrough Chemistry fevers happens only in reform campaigns. Non he encontrado un tutorial de luna de miel, por lo que non se puede encontrar aqui.

Who else could affect me like that? Kirishima Hiyori Saturday, 20 February at Episode 12 Did you get used to living with me now? In My Dreams B: