The slim, stylish design aesthetic ensures that SYRE looks just as good at work as it does at play. This should accommodate the vast number of people. We have a great working relationship and are all very excited to be a part of this undertaking. I would also like to see a replaceable watchband too. I read your comment about have trouble with using Bluetooth and running the radio at the same time. Watchband wear or damage is a valid concern. If it won’t work out, please let us know because this device would be useless to us.

I would like to see a Syre with changable size Each company has brought hundreds of projects to market and has manufacturing experience both domestically and abroad and multiple Fortune companies among their respective client bases. Once this posting expires the price will move up to the stated retail pricing. SYRE, by integrating a Bluetooth chip directly into the watch case, frees the user from worrying about staying connected to their device and allows them to unleash their full potential. Are you sizing it for kids-adults? The 6 colors will be chosen by vote of the project’s backers. Our patent pending design allows the Bluetooth adapter to be retracted and locked into place by inserting its plug into the wristband. SYRE accepts bumps, sweat and compliments with equivalent enthusiasm.

Your contribution will ipodd fund design refinement, production tooling, bluetooth refinement and certification, operating capital and manufacturing quantity commitments. Lion Hound Technology believes that functionality and durability should not come at the expense of style. No more worrying about your iPod Nano being exposed to perspiration or falling out of it’s watch case. Questions about this project? Project backers at this level will receive a full color commemorative montage of photos, drawings and other important items printed on 8.

SYRE iPod Nano Watch Case Adds Bluetooth for Wireless Headphones (video) | Gadget Review

I would also like to see a replaceable watchband too. Molded from a luxurious and flexible silicone polymer, each component has shre refined to create a watch case that fits the needs of even the most demanding athletes.

We have and will continue to consider manufacturing SYRE in the USA and we will keep our backers up to date on any changes to the manufacturing location expectations. It’s a way to bring creative ipox to life. I guess you could buy a bluetooth adapter instead of the wristband, let me know if you find one.


Please let me know if this will be a problem. Maybe with some Holes. The “But I don’t lbuetooth a Nano” Package: Hope he proves us all wrong, but as of now this project stinks…. Once the project reaches its funding goals work will proceed i. SYRE provides a secure, comfortable and unobtrusive fit that allows for airflow to the wrist while protecting your Nano from damage caused by impact or perspiration.

Kickstarter is not a store.

I read your comment about have trouble with using Bluetooth and running the radio at the same time. Users will need to purchase them separately or buy one of the reward packages that includes a Nano along with a SYRE and stereo Bluetooth headphones. The below is a quick video I am limited to roughly 1. As you know, I took a trip to China in recent weeks to hammer out some of My wrist size is generally considered pretty small. If you have any questions as to whether your wrist size will fits within this range you can measure it by wrapping a string around it, marking where bljetooth string intersects itself and recording the measurement.

SYRE Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case

First I would like thank all of the project backers for both their support and feedback. The SYRE is currently awaiting approval from Kickstarter to go live, which should happen in a matter of days.

Or perhaps the child in your life who is not yet ready to have an iPod touch or iPhone, but would do great with a smaller and more durable MP3 player strapped to their wrist. Reverend Jesus on July 1, I would personally rather see a standard, bluetoooth watchband; bwnd that’s not the case, what am I to do if the band rips?

While I am out here, I wanted to make sure that I spent some time responding SYRE transforms your iPod Nano into a Bluetooth enabled smart watch that is perspiration resistant, durable and stylish. I’ve been working with my Silicon Valley based industrial designer watcb ID-3D for just under a year and with my Bluetooth blueyooth, Indesign, for a little more than 4 months.


The board will then be placed by hand into the final watch case housing. Project backers at this level will get what you need to get up and running from day one. For this reason, we will be producing SYRE in a minimum of two sizes.

Funding period Jun 21, – Aug 5, 45 days. Wray on July 10, Are you aware that Apple’s dock connector is changing with the new version of iPod’s including the Nano? Further, we believe health and lifestyle are not incompatible undertakings that are scheduled around each other, but rather are integrated into your world throughout your day.

SYRE can do it all! SYRE empowers its users to push beyond boundaries and move without restriction. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You still have use a Bluetooth head set…. Erin Haniger on July 7, Anye- I read your comment about have trouble with using Bluetooth and running the radio at the same time.

SYRE iPod Nano Watch Case Adds Bluetooth for Wireless Headphones (video)

Mano accepts bumps, sweat and compliments with equivalent enthusiasm. Share this project Done. How far will SYRE take you? We are getting close to a very important milestone in this project and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Check out the FAQ. By integrating the Bluetooth attachment into the watch case and removing the need for cumbersome wired headphones and unsightly adapters, SYRE gives athletes a full range of motion while active and a sleek, cordless experience while relaxing.

Several people bqnd written to us looking for information on how one can purchase multiple rewards at the same time. The design completely encloses your Nano leaving only the touchscreen exposed for easy user interaction.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We believe that we will be able watdh comfortably address wrist sizes between 4. Several people have asked if SYRE will be able to accommodate their wrist size.