Tucker said he could get them but it would take a little while. With his gun against her face, he demanded Olivia to show her hands. Ralph says that he is taking her to the bank to get the contents of it. Tucker continued to speak with Olivia on the phone. It was totally not realistic how Olivia found herself in that situation, but how everything unfolded was interesting IMO. He added if anything happens, they would all die together.

This time, it’s with the other family that Noah’s nanny works for, the Crivello family. Together with some police officers, they ambush Ralph with Lisa. I enjoyed the episode, but I can see why it polarizes people. Start your free trial. I can’t wait to see it. Next, the black SVU that Joe requested arrives outside. I’ve never given them any thought, and I missed most of his scenes last night so I can’t speak to how he acted, but I would take him over Tucker. I have such mixed feelings about this episode.

When the captain told him he cannot agree to that request Joe felt compelled to murder someone in the house.

Written by rcs yahoo. While I hopefully will never personally experience an Townhoouse investigation, I understand why they can’t give you the benefit of the doubt. A woman was being raped by a black man and her husband walked in and said ” Stop Police!

The episode really moved, and was well-paced and taught.

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They are currently waiting for hostage negotiation to arrive, and are trying to get a visual on the gun men. To say that their plan fails miserably is an understatement. Had they not been awarded was not for lack of talent. The more I read the comments about this episode the more I can understand why, as Adi said, that it polarized people!

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After all that drama and rape of a 16 year old girl and people being beaten, my husband and I laughed out loud when Ralph said that they had robbed the family because their mother needed a new hip! I understand it’s good for the drama, and don’t usually mind.


They slowly come out from the garden level. I was also surprised she would call Tucker and not Dodds Sr. Below are steps you can take in order to whitelist Observer.

SVU may remind viewers of a similar episode way back in Season 15 when Spoiler! They texted Benson to tell her about the rape, but the man with the gun had her phone and refused to give it back to her. I always appreciate the feedback I get even if it’s a polar opposite at times!

Has been with SpoilerTV for over a year. Mike wanted to be sure everyone is okay. I would have thought that there would have been a way to make the lock screen have the correct date on it, even if they had to fake it somehow. I like Tucker, and I like Olivia with him. The episode was great, don’t miss it!

Just had to mention that, keep up the good work. Not even seeing Barba pleased me as his only doing in this ep was mentioning Lewis and that line could’ve easily been Fin’s instead.

Lucy shows up at the precinct freaking out — she tells them about the Carabella house. The recap, check out the pic towards the end of the recap: I wish the writers would have pushed things a bit further and at least killed one of the hostages since obviously they weren’t going to kill Benson. It was as if she dealt with it as little as possible. When questioned, Ralph does not want to give information regarding Joe and his own sister Roxie.

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Olivia pleaded and negotiated to let the children and their injured father Richard go. Barba was there for show only. While I want to see Olivia happy I just can’t see it with Tucker.


She also speculated that they could be using Tucker as incodent distraction. Inside, Joe told Olivia to put the vest they got from Mike on Roxie.

She said if he does not talk to the authorities, ESU would have no qualms bursting in and rescue them given that he is holding hostage a family and an NYPD police officer. Tejada, a key player, was lost for the rest of the play-offs, and possibly longer. Even though I had already seen the ending online I still felt it was a tense episode.

In the next scene, two EMTs are preparing to enter the house with a stretcher. After removing their vests, Joe allows them to take Richard out on the stretcher. While some see their past as too negative to overcome, I see it as something that strengthens their relationship because they overcame it. Kind of a ‘huh?

He’s old enough to be her dad! She totally used her past experience with lewis to manipulate Joe and roxy. CDL is expanding again and looking for talented Apart from his character, Barba hasn’t physically, emotionally or mentally experienced Benson’s ordeals; Tucker’s worked townhoise ESU.

Odafin Tutuola as Ice T.

She goes up and knocks on the door of one home. The suspect later identified as Pierson Dawes was already on top of Stacy when her husband Glen came in.