Like 0 Dislike 0. She says she is missing her family and she is abt to say she is missing her pa and she stops. Jolly is showing Samar the whole office… Samar is searching for someone in the office… Jolly thinks Samar has doubts abiut working on the project…so Jolly starts praising Samar he goes your working style is different.. Next time if you come knocking my door then I will break ice on your head!! A password will be e-mailed to you. Preeti tells her there is no need as the magazines are subscribed by the company.

On May 7, The kids say that aunts you should enjoy yourself. Suvis phone is ringing. A password will be e-mailed to you. She says she is missing her family and she is abt to say she is missing her pa and she stops. Suvreen is designing something.

She marches in and stops the music. Suvi goes it wont happen after what happened last night… she goes maine apneh pare par khode kholari mari hai… Yuvi goes aise kya kar diya Topper… Suvi was about to tell him then she 20113 her mind she didnt want Yuvi to be in tension… so she goes last night Mumma came we had a good time talked loads and Mumma made paranthas in the morning for me… Suvi also says that today when I go home me and Mumma will go out site seeing… Yuvi goes Auntyji is ther eno wonder you are happy.

Suvreen sees her and screams Mumma. He says that he has to meet Ira.

Savitri 7th May Written Episode Update. A password will be e-mailed to you. Gyggal says but u meant tht. Pappa informs her tht he is going to mumbai for some work and if mamia wants she can join her too and meet suvi.

Suvi looks at her and smiles. Yuvi says he dint say tht. Police comes ful stops the party. Next morning suvi is surprised tht her roommate have given her address to a stranger…and she needs to be careful.


Pritty says to Suvi that she is already in love. She is really irritating. On May 1, Maddy turns around and get angry. Mamma gets excited and says she will call suvi, on whoch Pg says they will not stay with suvi, she left the home and if someone has to come back then its suvi and not him. Welcome, Login to your account. Jolly then tells the two to check on their interns what creative ideas they collected, RC was about to go when Jolly tells him not to and says he will first go and check and then they all three can sit and discuss, RC becomes episore bit upset Udit goes to Alisha to asks about some design and she suggests a color, then Geeti Udit and Alisha discuss about it all as Suvi sees them and goes upstairs, Geeti then gives an idea and asks how about styling fukl top 12 international celebrities, Udit says wow, Alisha says they can even designing 12 unique accessories, they all start discussing episoee the concepts, Suvi comes down the spisode.

She texts her address. Samar he wants to start working as soon as possible. Suvi enters the apartment, and is shocked to c maddy enjoying to the dance number.

Alisha tells the others Samar is very harsh with his assistants… no one can stay with him more than 2 weeks… one of his assistant attempted suicide because Samar screamed too much at him. Duvreen did you get my name?

Miss Google, Suvreen Guggal!

guggxl Geeti says her funda is tht, if someone requires help she gives a a helping hand. And then Ira comes with that guy. He is sticking it on suvis door when suvis room mate opens the door and mistakes maddy for Jatin. She goes to police and says that she wants to meet her friend.

Samar goes my bad.

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Mumma yuggal puppa and says that Suvi is not there. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Jolly goes we will get your office ready tomorrow Jolly suggest Preeti to be his PA but Samar disagrees.


And then she turns around and gets shocked. Mumma says to Soni that she has to call her.

Suvreen Guggal 3rd May Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Sign in Recover your password. Suvreen is in tension.

A password will be e-mailed to you. She calls the police station and then she goes to Maddy and says that he should close the music. The episode starts of with Alisha laughing at Geeti boyfriend she goes you think you have figured out Samar Raghuvanshi but the truth is no one can figure out Samar Raghuvanshi… his life is a secret…she is praising Samar… she goes he is well known for one thing which is his work. Suvi says everyone is worried abt her neighbour. Yuvi goes Topper dont say that maybe he will behave nicely in office and you also behave properly.

Mum calls Puppa and says that she is arrived in Mumbai but suvi is not there, she is waiting for her. Fulp Guggal is being so stubborn very bad he wants to go to see Suvi really but wont dumb ego. He says that she has to call him when she arrives in Mumbai. Yuvi disconnects the phone he says there is something which topper is hiding from me something happened last night which is giving problem to her I guess now maddy will be the one causing trouble for Yuvreen, Suvi should of just told Yuvi the full gjggal then Yuvi goes aise to pehele kabhi nahiye hua.

Maddy is talking to the police behind suvi. Then they talk abt the braclet, while Alisha is laughing in the background.