And when Supernanny steps in, Holly shows her the door! Jo has a tussle with the mother when she gives the youngest Married at First Sight 7. I’m for the children. Also Watch Top Chef. Earn badges for watching.

Not everyone agrees with Jo Frost and her tactics. Use a connected account. Grab a seat on the naughty step and join us! Return to Login Forgot Password. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. However, the kids never actually agreed to be on television. The show has a royal fan Getty Images. So where are their parents and w.

The beauty of Supernanny was watching the incredible transformation of the kids. Can Jo help them get a grip on their kids? Dad Joe just puts in his earplugs when the noise gets to be too much! You don’t need epic tantrums and meltdowns every day.

Teenagers Brittany, 16, and Moriah, 14, are worn out by taking care of their kid brothers while they keep house and homeschool themselves. The more supernannny they were, the better the episode. Seeing them go from epic meltdown mode to happy and helpful little angels kept us coming back for more. A Star Is Born 4.

Frost has been adamant that the show was only for the benefit of the children and that it never used them for ratings. Can Supernanny help these parents grow backbones? One family says their sons’ behavior worsened after the show Shutterstock. And the crew takes directions ffamily me on when to move in with their cameras and when to back off.


Super Nanny visit begins with observation familh how family members interact followed by a discussion with the parents about problems observed. Since Grandpa died, the Addis family has fallen apart.

Tafoya Family

Can Jo help her fight her past and heal the emotional rift in her family? The average nanny spends her days changing diapers and playing at the park.

When the Guardian asked Frost if she was ever concerned about exploiting children, she quickly said no. Verify your username and email to complete your Registration. Also Watch Top Chef. You are successfully logged out.

One surprising group who isn’t crazy about her strategies is other nannies. Earn badges for watching.

The untold truth of Supernanny

Enter the text in the image shown if you are human. Parents are still in charge when it comes to their children, so they need to stay engaged. However, she and Jackson are committed to making it work no matter what. Season Guides Specials 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 All. The kids ran the show as they screamed at their parents and threw their vegetables across the kitchen. They also worry that the show thrives on drama, much more than is natural for the average family.

Married at First Sight 7.

Add to Watchlist Added. However, the kids never actually agreed to be on television. Season 4, Episode 9 Tafoya Family. February 27, Jo tries to help a household with three unruly boys ages 2, 5 and 7 and no sense of discipline, but when she questions the skills of the parents, the mother threatens to kick Jo out of their house. Grab a seat on the naughty step and join us! From an almost failed engagement to a three year-old committing arson, we’ve dug up some fascinating interviews and little known tidbits from your favorite nanny show.


She shared with Parents that there is an entire team behind the camera who are vital to the family’s success.

The Moment of Truth. She entered the most chaotic homes with her stiff updo and rimmed glasses, ready to work miracles.

Supernanny – Tafoya Family – Season 4, Episode 9 s4e9

Create Account Forgot Password. Register using a connected account. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. This was certainly true for the Young family.

Even Supernannies have trouble following their own advice Getty Images. I would never put children in a situation where I felt I was exploiting them. After having a wildly successful TV show, it was only a matter of time before Frost tried her hand at writing. Seasob a connected account. And when Supernanny steps in, Holly shows her the door! The show has a royal fan Getty Images.

A Star Is Born 7. While Jo Frost is very effective, she can’t possibly work the kind of miracle we saw on the show completely on her tavoya. Green Book Wins Best Picture.