By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, He just lost it at the time when he needed it most. At least he still has Yong-ha, and if Korean awards shows had a category for “Best Bromance”, they would win hands down. Plus, she has the ancient beauty look about her GHS too whereas some actresses look very modern. Nam Myung Ryul Supporting Cast. Byung-choon punches her back and the two engage in a muddy fist fight. Thank you very much:

I always wanted to write something about the drama, like I always do for other dramas that I watched, but I can’t help it that I ended up squeeling, bashing, giggling and fangirling the whole time. Btw, am I the only one who really felt pity when Insoo let out that single angry tear? She faces the threat of expulsion and the unspeakable charge of offending her family and the king. Park Chul Min Supporting Cast. This puts Yoon-hee in a better position—if she can just hit the bulls-eye, her team wins. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Episode 17 Full Episode S 1:

Park Min Young Main Cast. Posted May 28, When you think about scandql she is his only weakness or if you like his only redeeming feature, that may lead him out of the dark side, it is to be seen.

Jun Tae Soo Supporting Cast. Like this scarf, my heart will sungkyuknwan be tied to you. I suppose one could think he shot badly because he was so upset Choson likes Yoon Hee but I doubt it – if that was the case he’d be hitting ones and twos the whole match. I really hope its shin se kyung but chances of that is low since she’s studying now. I swear this drama is a health hazard…Sigh…. I die a little bit every time he hiccups.

Lee Tae Ri Supporting Cast. I truly enjoy your writing style, side comments etc. Download the latest version here. In addition, when Yoochun was filming in Yongin City, Gyeonggi on the 27th, a few hundred fans gathered on the site, proving the popularity of Yoochun. Posted June 8, Sungkyunkwan Scandal Volunteer Team. When she realizes that there is good money to be made, Yoon Hee begins to take the entrance exams in the place of other students who want to get into sunykyunkwan prestigious Sungkyunkwan University.


They’ve only subbed 4 episodes so far. Youth Scandal – Lee Min Young I nearly spit out my drink when they showed the one of Guh-ro! I gave up on viikii when Sungkyunkwaan couldn’t find a channel for wath.

P But I can totally relate. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Scaandal Sung Pil Supporting Cast.

What will In Soo do when he finds out that his actual rival for Chosun is his own father!?! You are not alone Cassie. Watch ‘ Sungkyunkwan Scandal ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Yongha is one naughty fellow. I think it might be the fact that she seems physically weaker than all the rest duh, cos she’s a girland yet she has this almost indomitable spirit that people admire.

However this time, she will be the optimistic strong willed Kim Yoon Hui. Kim Min Seo Supporting Cast. Love Ep 7 but love 8 even more.

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Something is going on with viikii, but I don’t have time to find out ans search for the vids. That is why the tears came out knline when he missed the target. I love them all! He shoots his arrows when he noticed that the officer looking for Red Messenger is looking at other archer.

I love bad guys too. Episode 7 Full Episode S 1: When she apologized to him, he forgave her straightaway, and omg that was the first time I saw him smiling properly. Kim Young Bae Supporting Cast.

Where can i watch sungkyunkwan scandal episode 5 eng sub online streaming for free?

His tears looked like they were out of anger instead of the sorrows of unrequited love. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast.


In the released picture, Park Min Young wore a simple Korean outfit, with a bright smile on her face. September 27, at When her younger brother falls ill, Kim Yoon Hee enters the school in his place disguised as a boy in her desperation to find a way to support him, and becomes friends with Lee Sun Joona perfectionist who is also the brains of the gang, playboy Goo Yong Ha and the rebellious Moon Jae Shin.

It’s his body automatic reaction to release all the pent up emotion inside him.

That was absolutely deliberate. Micky Yoochun, the male lead and the first to be cast, is enthusiastic about his role even though filming hasn’t begun yet as he said, “I have analyzed the character carefully, I’ve had numerous readings with the writer and the director and I’ve been taking acting lessons. I sungkyuhkwan pity the second leads but will root for the main hero. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. In Soo and Jae Shin are basically the best archers in school with Lee Sun Joon the close second though seeing LSJ was that good when shooting with his left drmacrazy due to injury, maybe he’s better than them.

Episode 14 Full Episode S 1: This is my observation also. I spent almost 4 hours watching it the first warch around – cant help it! Because it would be bad for YS.

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