Add the first question. A young man is kidnapped by a local strongman with the intention of forcing him to marry his daughter to secure a family alliance. Start your free trial. Sulemani Keeda is the oft-quirky, oft-drifting story of the eternal strugglers of B-town, the writers”. A middle class family in India tries to buy a new car. Sulemani Keeda is slacker comedy at its best”. We emotionally invest in their everyday tragedies and smile at their comical solutions. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

A special mention has to be made of Aditi who carried her role with remarkable ease and she is pretty easy on the eye, too. The film reminds one of the ‘cult’ classic Barton Fink where the directors Coen Bros. There’s much to appreciate in the inventive mise-en-scene and creative editing. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. Review 1 January In the words of critic Elvis D’Silva: Was this review helpful to you? A man who loves to make “to-do lists” makes one last bucket list when he realizes he is about to die.

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Use the HTML below. It follows an episodic structure much like their script in the film that never sees the light of the day, but whatever it lacks in action it makes up for in wordplay. It takes the narrative path of a slacker comedy, a popular film genre.

When they’re being rejected by producers who refuse to read their script, slemani lurk around bookstores and poetry slams shamelessly hitting on girls. The ending was Roman Holiday-esque hence grounded which I felt was very well done. Perenially hungry and horny, they lie, drink, hit on unsuspecting girls in bookshops and attend poetry readings where they read their vulgar verses.

Farhan Akhtar mentions “Contemporary filmmaking at its best! Retrieved su,emani November Liquor in plastic glass, flat owner’s son asking for rent, no money for screenwriters, another Kapoor struggling for break — it gets some of the small keedw so bang on.


ful Edit Cast Credited cast: Yes No Report this. Sonal Chopra for Sify. Start your free trial. Perenially hungry and horny, they lie, drink, hit on Sulemani Keeda is A bittersweet combination of what’s ordinary and extraordinary”. Review 1 January Before we draw the curtain on Breast Cancer Awareness Month Oct ’16let’s shed some light on those who battle it with every little that makes life worth loving, and living.

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Gonzo Krishna Singh Bisht It is light-hearted and funny with the director’s assured touches, for instance, an animated set-piece that shows a pet cat snort cocaine inline kill itself in a fish bowl.

In this slacker bro-mantic comedy, writing partners Dulal and Mainak dream of shaking up the Bollywood film industry in India with their script Sulemani Keeda [2] Hindi street slang for “Pain in the Ass”.

Learn more More Like This. As tragicomic as life itself! Rajeev Masandone of India’s most well known critic says ” Slickly shot, capturing a real, lived-in feel of the city, this is a charming little indie that manages to say something important, while never forgetting to make you laugh. A middle class family in India tries to buy a new car. They find some hope when the drug addled, cat-obsessed Gonzo Kapoor, the son of a famous B movie producer, hires them to write an art house film billed as “Tarkovsky with orgies” for his directorial debut.

A Hindi feature film set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry.

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Jha mentions “In a world infested by imposters of movie-making here’s a toast to the dost that is refreshing,charming, cocky and tongue in cheek. Share this Rating Title: In the words of critic Elvis D’Silva: One is an Indian soldier of Pakistani origin while the other happens to be a Hope this girl gets more roles to prove her mettle further. Deborah Young reviewing the film in The Hollywood Reporter writes, “The film’s brash, open-hearted spirit is full of giggly jokes that get the audience on the boys’ side.


Sulemani Keeda is the oft-quirky, oft-drifting story of the eternal strugglers of B-town, the writers”. Edit Details Official Sites: Also, you are elated when such a work leaves you tickled in the end. See what’s trending now. Sulemani Keeda has been featured in India Today ‘ s list of films to watch out for in Do Dooni Chaar But is escape possible?

Shubha Shetty Saha analyses about the casting and editing as following on Mid-day “Casting is good, editing Khushboo Agarwal is fantastic. Before releasing in India, Sulemani Keeda Writers promoted it in the indie-film [27] circuit. Views Read Edit View history. This is beyond hilarious. Sharib Hashmi, Inaamulhaq, Kumud Mishra. This is a Bromantic Comedy about two struggling writers who peddle their mediocre screenplay, “Sulemani Keeda” in Bollywood.

This one is mocie must and great watch, it is brilliantly and effectively made, keeps one hooked throughout and absolutely entertains. Press preview burgeoned into ‘Premier’ with the crowd enthusiastically turning up and making it huge.

Oona from Poona Dilip Prabhavalkar SulemaniKeeda follows with fecund ferocity the kedea farcical, some-times quirky odyssey of a couple of oddball writers in that place of perverse entertainment known, for eccentric reasons as Bollywood. sluemani