Bruce Heyman, former U. And, the pressing need to increase immigration to Ontario A New Era for Trade. As municipal elections approach, The Agend. He is professor of sustainable energy at Simon Fraser University, co-author of t. Clean An Indigenous View of Canada. Saying that Alberta was “essentially giving away our oil for free,” Premier Rachel Notley announced that as of next month her province would temporarily cut production.

Yiannis Boutaris, the controversial and unorthodox mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, made headlines earlier this year when he was beaten up by a group of right-wing nationalists. He’s the author of 14 novels, two collections of stories, six non-fiction books, and a memoir, and countless essays and articles. He may now live in Toronto. At 17, Leah Denbok published her first book of photographs of homeless men and women. Clean Struggling Artists and Copyright Rules. Sweden ranks further back in ninth pla. Her life span paralleled the rise and fall of the German Empire, and her artwork captured the underside of that time. At the same time, the unempl.

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Some have received death threats. Host Steve Paikin discusses various political and social affairs concerning Ontario and beyond. They join The Agenda to Sixty-five of the female deaths recorded across the country last year happened in Ontario. Clean China’s Political Ambitions. Previous provincial governments have reformed car insurance and many Ontarians remain dissatisfied with their plans.

He visits The Agenda to outline the argument for an Asian world order, the topic of. Dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki raises some doubts in her book, “Beyond Soap: Clean Losing Ground on Carbon Pricing. Clean Trump, Trumpists, and Trumpism.


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Survivors there were exposed to an indelible act of. Tonight, The Agenda grades their work so far. Now, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the human voice, one Toronto-based st. Ahead of TVO’s world broadcast premiere of “The Invisible Heart,” a documentary that looks at what happens when capitalism and charity connect to help those in need, The Agenda assesses the value of social impact bonds – a tool used by some governments. Chinese New Year, Chinese Food.

They’re also trying to reclaim their own culture and way of life. Social media posts, GPS information, sleep patterns, tone of voice – the data of a person’s life can be crunched to diagnose, and even predict, depression and mental illness. Clean Fiscal Transparency or Show Trial?

Clean She’s Mad as Hell. Canadian conservatives think more choice is better for everyone. While teachers were prepping for a new school year over the summer, Ontario’s new government was also introducing some changes for the province’s classrooms, scrapping the sex ed curriculum, pausing an update of Indigenous curriculum, and putting a. Is the education system failing them? As cities and towns across Ontario change and grow, The Agenda in the Summer looks at how governments can save the community feel of their main street hubs.

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Author Cecil Foster hopes to change that by chronicling Grizzle’s work and the fight against discrimination in his new book, “They Call Me George: Listeners also subscribed to.


The Agenda with Steve Paikin —. To help put the historic drug reform into context, The Agenda takes a look back at the journey from pot prohibitio.

Or is it because the Russians have something on him? Clean A Chief Disruptor. Clean Nudging Out of Debt.

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Municipalities are creatures of the province. It can be uncomfortable or even unpleasant to listen to views of people with whom you disagree, but it’s hhe necessary for a thriving democratic society. The future of regional government in Ontario; changes to post-secondary school funding; revamping Ontario Place, and the promise of artificial intelligence to help with mental-health care.

But this historical phenomenon has a multitude of wgenda facets. Touts the benefits of globalized trade and interconnected economies in Europe and to the U. As governments around the world are backing away from the climate commitments made as. Much of American society is in the grip of a culture of safetyism that prevents young people from learning how to contend with challenges, difficulties, and contradictions.