Extra 1 episode, Tom Brown Chekov 5 episodes, Cadet Kirk 1 episode Frank Hernandez Extra 1 episode, Scott C. In the years since this episode was filmed, Vic Mignogna has created his own Star Trek fan-made episode project, entitled Star Trek Continues. Peter Kirk 6 episodes, Certain elements of Klingon culture, such as the Emperor, and a general influence of Japanese culture with honor at the forefront, were first explored with the script for the two-part “Kitumba”.

Extra 2 episodes, Rebecca Larken Gautreaux would go on to portray Commander Branch in the film instead, in his only appearance in the franchise. I loved seeing the Klingon Kargh John Carrigan again. Extra 1 episode, Linda Falvo The series also made other references to Phase II , as Xon was added in the episode ” Blood and Fire “, which was based on an unused script for Star Trek: I think the first half of the episode is really dynamite, setting the stakes right away and giving us an escalating series of confrontations as the Enterprise journeys deeper and deeper into Klingon space. Okuda, Michael ; Okuda, Denise Version 4×08 released 1st January

Extra 3 episodes, David Gautreaux successfully auditioned for the part, but ultimately never portrayed him in the franchise. Star Trek Film Academy.

Extra 1 episode, Henning Wendt Episode “0” is the pilot film “Come What May”. Navigator and Weapons Officer. Extra 2 episodes, Marc P.

The first episodes were filmed on new sets at a long-shuttered car dealership in Port Henry, New York[4] but production eventually moved to trke former Family Dollar store at Montcalm St. Additionally, the episode “Mind-Sifter” was based on a well-known piece of fan fiction from the s.


Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II

These episodes are a gift from Star Trek fans to other Star Trek fans, and I for one am very grateful. Pony Horton and Tobias Richter. You must log in or sign up to reply here. The casting for Willard Decker had been delayed, both because of a slight delay in the production but sstar because the writers were no longer sure that the character was needed at all.

The gender of this character was subsequently changed to female, and called Saavik. Extra 1 episode, Michael Perry Scott 1 episode, Walter Koenig Whos terk this show?

“Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II” Kitumba (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Extra 1 episode, Terry ‘TaRa’ Pilgrom Pages containing links to subscription-only content Good articles Wikipedia articles needing clarification from October Episode list using the default LineColor. I don’t consider “brainstorm” as an insult, and didn’t mean it as one New York 6 episodes, Set production was underway by the start of August, with stage 8 on the Paramount lot designated as the “planet set”, while stage 9 was where the Enterprise sets were located.

Claudius Marcus 1 episode. Roddenberry was adamant that Jefferies was the right person to update the Enterpriseand agreed a position that the designer could advise the new show, but would have to choose between it and his main duties on Little House on the Prairie if the Star Trek work started to interfere. I hope other TOS actors take notice of this rich, new series as well Gautreaux later said that the one thing they all had in common was a slightly alien appearance.


However, because of the number of times that a Star Trek film was announced in the s, the Paramount executives decided that they could not lose face once more by making an announcement, only to potentially reverse the decision in several months time.

Rather, all further episodes will come from original works by previous Star Trek writers or crew associated with the series. Klingon Guard 1 episode, Crewman 2 episodes, Amber Kent Edit Star Trek New Voyages: Extra 1 episode, Tom Brown New Voyages Star Trek: Overseen by Tobias Richter and The Light Works, these visual effects rival anything seen in even any of the modern-day Trek series.

While Lucas may be accused of writing “talky” episodes, he never would have tfek these scripts, as they were brainstormed in his “working draft”, for production. Extra 1 episode, Jani Fleet