Or he indulged in necrophilia. Ayushmann Khurrana film riding on positive reviews”. I want to make a film with Sunny some day, and I will. He grew up in Pune , where he did his schooling at the St. Again through Anurag, I met Tutu Sharma, the producer of what was his debut film Paanch , but that film never happened. Both are valid, and both can be proven, so you can almost choose. I called her much later, and she heard the Andhadhun script.

But then got lost in the usual commercial racket. Its so rare to find Raghuvir Yadav in a decent role and he is a superb actor — the only other film where he has a meaty part that I know of is Massey Sahib. Usually he just tends to be relegated to bit parts or comedian-in-chief. This site uses cookies. They were clearly the work of a serial killer: Sanjay Routray liked it, and Adlabs ended up picking up the movie. And now filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is all set to release his gritty noir thriller Raman Raghav 2.

Archived from the original on 22 January We settled for an ambulance. Gurpal has a copy. Ever since his direct-video debut Raman Raghavinand his feature debut inEk Hasina Thi, the Film and Television Institute of India-trained director has followed the adventures of professional criminals, gamblers, hustlers and flimflam artists.

The vision in his head calls for an iron pipe turned in a particular way. I should see the French film some time. Retrieved 6 October Another time, Anurag and I happened to meet in Hyderabad.

ssriram I was getting more interesting in filmmaking. I was initially supposed to direct Shool. You are commenting using your Twitter account. My usual grouse against films made about criminals is that the cinematic medium in itself willy-nilly turns the criminal into a hero. Retrieved 22 July If you took that scene out, the whole script would fall apart.


I had even narrated it to Varun Dhawan along with Badlapur. Sadly never got to see the film, though. When we began Badlapur, there was no scope for a song. I love songs in films, but I am not able to break in and use songs shotr way they used to be done. Where does this come from? I remember for Ek Hasina Thiwe wanted a fire engine in the scene where Urmila escapes from prison.

raman raghav () – and some curry and rice – banno, dhanno and teja in bumm-bumm-bhole-land

At that stage, I was ready to take on anything. You remember these films because you saw them as a kid. But he also left us alone.

Again through Anurag, I taghav Tutu Sharma, the producer of what was his debut film Paanchbut that film never happened.

They are less scared of convention, much more stimulating.

raman raghav (1992) – and some curry and rice

He could have been a builder or a businessman, but he we decided to have an actor. The cinematographer, Hari Nair, seems to have been unfazed even in the tiniest lanes around Dongri. We used to work on public safety announcement films. You never forget the horror of the killings though you do feel pity for the mentally sick Raman Raghav.

What the hell are you making me do, she said. This page was last edited on 30 Januaryat He would cancel out dialogue and keep just one line. You have a copy? Do more Indians have access to electricity?


I felt that the script needed some work. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

For instance, there is a fantastic bank robbery in Gun Crazy []. I want to make a film with Sunny rsghav day, and I will. Singh described him as a man who needed his daily ration of sex and crime. He comes across as a shabby, pathetic figure, always in a soiled filn shirt, khakhi shorts and canvas shoes apparently a Parsi Dairy delivery boy uniformwho suddenly erupts in rage over trivial incidents.

Badlapur is a dark, unflinching, fantastic film”. The film has to have a connect, one that builds up. What has fuelled rising mob violence in India? We wrote so many sequences that were a great read, but we could not execute them.

Sriram Raghavan interview: ‘Every movie is a commitment, you have to be damn sure about it’

InI was commissioned to make a film on the serial killer Raman Raghav for a video magazine that was going to be launched.

Which of your films are you most happy with? How close is India to affordable housing for all? I am working on a period war film, written by Ritesh Shah. They were clearly the work of a serial killer: I wanted to be a journalist.