My youngest cousin was in the same kind of cast for months when she was very small. What happens when cast is removed? We had to avoid rainy or super hot days, but we also tried to get outside when we could for walks, wagon rides, a swing, etc. My son cast would be removed after 3 weeks. And I love that you thought about which cast would show the least dirt, so smart! Then everything else that has gone on.

I only knew he freaked if I moved him at all. He was so MAD! It really can happen so easily. This is for femur bone fracture for my 2 year old 1 How often we to visit doctor post cast removal? He slipped in water on the bathroom floor from big brother taking a bath, fell backwards with his leg twisted behind him. Older Mum In a Muddle. Tuesday morning his thigh was still swollen so I called his doc first thing and got a quick appointment. Typically, I wrapped the bottom half of her body in a towel and tucked it in to the cast to keep it dry, then laid her on another towel usually folded to be more comfortable on the kitchen counter with her head hanging over the sink.

But yay for the funky stripy single cast… so glad your home x. My little guy did fine.

BB one hour after spica cast removal. And how lovely for you all to have had a trip out together. We had a post op check-up 2 days ago and the orthopedic surgeon assured us everything was looking great.

Nora wore hers home from the doctor and never again. We are on day 3 of our 2. She gets more adorable every time I see her: They work very well! Sunday- the day before Memorial Day Thanks for your honesty and encouragement! Which makes him upset because he had just successfully potty trained and gotten into training underwear and out of pull ups.


My barely 2 year old son just fractured his right femur bone 4 days after Christmas. The spica cast is BIG and bulky, so dressing was not particularly easy, but it was do-able. We had a normal day- ran errands went out to eat and there was no problem except when we picked him up.

Its been 2 weeks now and he is managing pain well We are worried and dont know how complex is his case with displacement of 2 cm? Thanks Out nursing team were outstanding Xxx. My youngest cousin was in the same kind of cast for months when she was very small. Just seeing my little guy hurt right after he fell made me feel like I was dying.

I could definitely see issues with the spica case you posted!! That sounds so much better today.

I have a similar story with my 3 year 5 months old kid. My son was in spica cast for 6 week following femure fracture.

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Toddller was less than fun, and the rough nights did make getting up and going to work hard, but we survived. BB goes on a slide at legoland no spica. I was really unsure of what to expect time wise with him being able to start walking again. It worked, it wasnt pretty, but it was comfortable enough so he could do his business.

BB returned from theatre barely able to breathe in the new cast and had to return immediately for it to be cut. While I removxl looking after patients in full or half spicas my heart goes out to them and their families. Our daughters cast looks identical to yours.

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Oh, yeah CPS came and talked to me. I just want to say thank you for writing this. God, little bones, and modern medicine really are amazing! He started walking but with a little limp in his fractured leg.

We have had a very similar story. Of course, there were bad days. Cqst was simply walking across our hardwood floor and slipped and fell onto a magnetic drawing toy. At the time, I barely even remembered that she had fallen. I hope you get some answers honey and I am so glad that it is just a one leg cast and not for long too.


We also have a month-old and a 4-month-old. My 2 year old son fell playing at a splash pad at the rrmoval. O no what a bloody roller coaster ride you have all been on …eventually reaching a happy ending conclusion! Thanks jax, I have so much faith in the nhs normally and this is my first bad experience, but yes I will be making someone aware j x. You can do it! Her left leg will be — unnoticeably — shorter for the next two to three years; but, as Nora grows, it will all even out.

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Then monday finished with the only decision being made that BB would go back into spica in this hospital on Tuesday when the expert was in. We had to put a cup in front to catch any urine.

Comments You and your girl are so brave!

It was Memorial Day and no one was in the office. Nope, good luck with figuring that thing out. Love your family, thank your doctors and caregivers for all they have done, have faith that medical treatments and those who need them will continue to improve. We spent the week with friends, playing, and finished it off with a trip to Legoland where the lure of a slide proved to be a fatal mistake.