Bonezmann Thanks for the heads up , I shall now have more direction in my quest for Naruto enlightenment. B is practically over already, just check the last bit in the manga. It seems to have been down since yesterday afternoon. That happened to me this week. It also portrays the breakdown of society when something like this should happen and the last movie I watched that did it superbly was S. Not that Avatar is anime The eye-brows guy explains everything in the one episode, it was just one crazy experimental show.

At which episode are you, hiphopfreak? The artstyle even the title font is very close to One Piece so I found it funny you mention Naruto and Bleach ; The artstyle is closer to one piece, however I found that the action and overall attitude of the anime is closer to bleach and naruto, however, the comedy is probably better than all of those: There was this coolish Digimon in one of the first episodes. Anyway has anyone heard any new news on the whole “remake of Berserk thing”? Animage Awards May 12, D Eugh, I didn’t notice these were manga spoilers at first, not having read it in a while. You can also try GunXSword if you haven’t tried it yet. While every show gives it its own flavour, it’s all the same in the end.

It’s actually pretty damn funny and depressing at the same time. Currently only watching the 4 big Shonen titles and not really much else during the week. Seriously, after all the laughs and drama, who wants to hear that they were experimented on, so main guy who wanted to be a cook can’t taste any more and the girl was turned into a universal teleport system: Oh yeah that’s right!


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Get Known if you don’t have an account. The anime first season was in the fall ofwith the second, Heaven’s Lost Property forteat fall Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss?

P Precisely that’s why I said it’s so funny and depressing at the same time. I started watching One Piece a while back from ep 1 and am currently at ep It’s kinda awesome in a Trinity Blood sort of way and has a sort of Castlevania sort of feel to it. As for Angel’s Egg, I’ll be on the lookout for it.

D Anyway since this is my first post in this topic figured I’d stick to it and say that my fave anime is probably Code Geass or Gundam otoshimino Luffy’s personality doesn’t get old. The show ends very well, BUT the hardcore and depressing movie ruined the whole show for me. Yes, I know it’s not anim. As Panicore said, Naruto Fillers happen anie arcs and not in the middle of an arc as with Bleach.

It’s been with me a long time. I keep forgetting about anime until this time at night, downloading and watching in one night takes too long for me and I forget to download again the next day So awesome in fact that Sony licensed the song!

spisode In my opinion the only good thing they ever aired was Neon Genesis Evangelion. Don’t let the crappy movie fool you. And if you have, is it any good?

Sōichiro HOSHI

This weeks Naruto chapter was rather feak, Madara wishing to learn the Impure Resurrection Technique, brings out 2 prisoner ninjas from an earlier chapter, he straight out breaks the sroa guys neck and order Kabuto to turn the live guy into the dead, which he does Kinda freaked me out.


From United Kingdom, I’m Looking for him! Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! At least I’m making way with One Piece though. Must admit revy is hot and I just love her to bits: That happened to me this week. I know I wrote some reviews, finished reading a couple books, and drove a mile round trip to visit some relatives, but I c I’m sorry but I have to say, Bleach will forever be my favorite anime, the feeling it gives me when I watch it is just unexplainable.

Manga started the next arc a while ago. Sadly there fnglish seem to be much else out there interesting That said, I agree on the repeating thing, the character mostly guilty for this is Kakashi. Epispde wait till the 3rd episode.

Also, I’ve just watched episode 3 of Mad Magazine Show and they spoof Grey’s Anatomy otosihmono call it “Grey’s in Anime” I implore everyone here to watch this episode as I could not stop laughing: Bonezmann Thanks for the heads upI shall now have more direction in my e;isode for Naruto enlightenment. Be sure to check out shows like Green Green and To love Ru if you want to laugh just as hard And OMFW it’s awesome!

Check the manga instead. Don’t spoil it now but That said, I can’t bear watching the anime at all. Not in a good way.