A new window will pop up. The film concludes with Gayathri institutionalized at a mental asylum where the three girls, now close friends, paying her a visit. Kamal Haasan — Kamal Haasan, also spelled as Kamal Hassan, is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, playback singer and lyricist who primarily works in Tamil cinema. Talk of the town”. She is reluctant to discuss her life in the media. Mani Ratnam — Gopala Ratnam Subramaniam, commonly known by his screen name Mani Ratnam, is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and producer who predominantly works in Tamil cinema.

However the film went on to inspire other film makers to produce all women ventures, with director Gnanasekharan announcing that his project, Aishwarya , starring Uma , Monal and Abhinayashree would be a “small-scale Snegithiye “. However, Gita reveals that she too is on the run from Gayathri because she had witnessed Gayathri killing Vikram that night. Gossip from the southern film industry”. Create Recordings and be part of the Smule community! Through their college friends, the girls discover that Gita had gone missing on that fateful night. Priyadarshan, with the help of Mohanlal, got a few chances to work as assistant scriptwriter in a couple of movies and started writing scripts, eventually, he had to come back to Kerala.

Retrieved from ” https: Chennai listen ; formerly known as Madras listen or is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Dadasaheb Phalke is known as the first pioneer and founder of cinema in pre-Independence India, kolhapur in Western Maharashtra was another centre of active film production in the twenties.

The two first met in and got married the same year, the couple have a son Nandhan. However, the woman pretending to be Ramesh’s mother from earlier turns out to be a CBI officer who has been investigating Gayathri and knows snegithiys girls were not responsible for Vikram’s murder.

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They also form a rivalry against Gita Ishita Arunthe college queen bee. Learn more More Like This.

Gopala Ratnam was a distributor who worked for Venus Pictures. The CBI officer then reveals that Gayathri murdered Vikram to avenge her sister’s paralysis because Vikram raped her after Gayathri found out he was a womanizer and stopped her sister from dating him.

Priyadarshan heard about the film and asked producer Mukesh Mehta to see it and decide whether he would like to produce the movie and thus Mehta went to Bombay, saw the film and liked it.


Mani Ratnam is married to Tamil actress Suhasini and has a son with her and he has won several film awards, including six National Film Awards,7 Filmfare Awards South and three Bollywood Filmfare Awards, and a few awards at various international film festivals. For example, in Shatapatha Brahmana, variously estimated to be composed between BCE and BCE, Sri is part of one of many theories, in ancient India, about the creation of universe.

Saravanan, Kamal won the Rashtrapathi Award for his performance in Kalathur Kannamma at age four, and starred in five more films as a child. It focuses on the efforts of the detective, private investigator or amateur sleuth to solve the mysterious circumstances of an issue by means of clues, investigation, suspense is often maintained as an important plot element. In France, the popular Nick Carter detective novels inspired the first film serial, Nick Carter and this six-episode series was followed with Nouveaux aventures de Nick Carter in Fortunately Tabus career took off well after this film in spite of the long delay.

Instructions to verify your updated email address have been sent. Anns High school in Hyderabad. InTabu had eight releases, two films Saajan Chale Sasural and Jeet went on to be hits, both were within the top five films of that year.

Ishita Arun is an Indian model, VJ and actress. However, the woman pretending to be Mvoie mother from earlier turns out to be a CBI sneyithiye who has been investigating Gayathri and knows the girls were not responsible for Vikram’s murder. But how can you expect a comedy part in a crime thriller movie? However, this fantasy takes on a whole new meaning when an actual person named Ramesh Major Ravi calls and sends Radhika letters claiming to be her boyfriend.

Rajkumar started his career with his father in a troupe led by Gubbi Veeranna, inhe was spotted by film director H. On the night of murder, she returned to hostel to take medications, witnessed the murder and fled from the scene as Gayathri will use her influence to cover up her crime. She is very friendly with However, Gita reveals that she too is on the run from Gayathri because she had witnessed Gayathri killing Vikram that night.

She finds Radhika’s necklace pkcs the body and the two girls are brought to help with the investigation. Tabu is best known for playing protagonists in films that garner more critical appreciation than substantial box office figures.


The CBI officer then reveals that Gayathri murdered Vikram to avenge her sister’s paralysis because Vikram raped her after Gayathri found ipcs he was a womanizer and stopped her sister from dating him.

To end this nuisance, Vani and Movvie invite Ramesh to their hostel during the college dance program novie hand over the impostor to the police. However, after a few silent films, the Maharashtra Film Company pulled down its shutters with the advent of sound. Nirnayam Gandeevam Venkatesh composed the film scoreall the songs were composed by Vidyasagarexcept Kannukulle which was composed by Raghunath Seth as mentioned in the original audio cassette.

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Can a young man escape from the clutches of a loan shark on time? At times the viewer is presented with information not available to the main character, the central character usually explores the unsolved snegithhiye, unmasks the perpetrator, and puts an end to the effects of the villainy. Archaeological discoveries and ancient coins suggest the recognition and reverence for Lakshmi by the 1st millennium BCE, Lakshmis iconography and statues have also been found in Hindu temples throughout southeast Asia, estimated to be from the second half of the 1st millennium CE.

Rajkumar in Vasantha Geetha He arranges a date between the two, which initially fails, backfiring on Karthik, however, with more meetings, Poorni His next assignment takes him to the holy city of Rameshwaram, Pic Gandeevam Kamal continued his education in Santhome, Madras, and was attracted towards film, when a physician friend of his mother, visited Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar to treat his wife, she brought Kamal with her.

The film notably features only female characters in the lead roles, played by JyothikaSharbani MukherjeeTabu and Ishita Arun. She had also dubbed for actress Ninas character in Chitti serial, actress Sneha in her interview to Tamil magazine Kungumams Thozhi said that Savitha is among the top 5 women who she admires most.

Gayathri, who is the guest of honour at the event, takes charge of the case. Her international projects include a role in Mira Nairs drama The Namesake.

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