SW, DJ come with me. BY, Mother is with my uncle now. Have a happy and lovely day. SO, Oh no, I forgot to tell you. BY, I hope you’re right. Episode 3 Episode 3. The new assistant head chef, Yujin, has her eyes set on Dong Hae.

Episode 79 Episode By firstnadya Started July 7, Where did she go? Now I wish you and James happiness. Thank you so much. Saewa shows Anna a picture of James.

Also BY and DH were the only ones with no babies. What’s unbelievable to me, is that the time span in the story.

Click here to learn more. Can’t wait to watch it later.

Kim Jun finds out about Saewa and Dong Hae’s past but decides its best not to tell his family. KJ, I’m sorry to call you so late. KJ, Yes I am. Episode 89 Episode Sae Wa doubts that Sun Nu made this plan and she visits him.

Smile, Dong Hae – 154

Episode 34 Episode Yujin increases her pursuit of Dong Hae by making a visit to his home and Mrs. Episode 55 Episode Which was a disappointment to me. Kim decides she won’t let anyone disrupt her family and she kicks Saewa out of the house.


This is for the episofe greastest bride. But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother.

Lee Jang Woo Supporting Cast. Whose son are you? Do Ji Won Main Cast. I’m missing Donghae and Bonyi.

Smile Dong Hae

Abuse of the TV. Don’t get sick James.

YJ, How do you remember my name? Episode 15 Episode While Kim Jun tries to find out if Anna really is in Korea, Hyesuk tries to find out what he’s been hiding from her. She left home early. You used to say that you wanted to be a good father. She said that you’ve been lonely while you’ve been with her, so she told me to be with you before she left.

Sulnyeo tells everyone she is in a relationship with Piljae. DH, Anyways, I’m physcially exhausted but I feel good. I’ve never liked how he handles everything. Why didn’t you tell us earlier that he got have a sugery?! Dong Hae believes resigning is the best thing for everyone involved but Dojin and Hyesuk feel otherwise. Episode 19 Episode Episode 76 Episode Kim Jun has been asked to host the nightly news but Saewa can’t let that happen or Anna might see him.


DH told me that you’re just someone in the past to me.

Smile, Dong Hae – – video dailymotion

Kim Jun ask Dong Hae leave the hotel, Dong Hae says no but agrees to leave if he loses in the cooking competition. I don’t know why. She was saving the 12 to be worn by her and her two daughters once she found DB.

Just finished watching the final episode and I’m feeling lost already.

But, he hears bad news about his smiile. My SIL and his mother finally became Korean! HS didn’t receive any punishment for her part in the crime. I’ve delayed our wedding because president Hong left and I had to take care of the Hainan project. SY, Be strong Chief Kim. Something wrong about the corn? I thought you should know this.

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