Was it all part of his plan to make her look suicidal? Mar 29, Vaso rated it really liked it. Bee was shocked but wondered for just a moment if maybe she did not know Tess as well as she thought, considering Tess had not told her the baby had been born. Tess’s apparently bohemian life, like her out-of-wedlock pregnancy, shouldn’t have been judged harshly. This is definitely one that will stay with me for a long time to come. A very enjoyable debut from Rosamund Lupton, Sister follows the narrator, Beatrice, as she attempts to uncover the truth about the disappearance of her free-spirited sister Tess. That said, all I can say is I will definitely be reading more by her. I just didn’t expect it to be that.

It’s also a book that has lots to discuss, so be sure you have a friend or 2 that read it with you. I knew that it was a decent thriller, because a friend of my suggested that I should read it, but I did not expect to be blown away by it I found this response to depression deeply offensive. We are conjoined by hundreds of thousands of memories that silt down into you and stop being memories and become a part of who you are. View all 10 comments. Beatrice herself has been in therapy, and all of these are handled in a sensitive and even-handed way, which is a rarity in crime fiction. In its genre of psychological-suspense a solid 4 stars. She was to give a very important testimony that would send someone to prison for life.

As her bond rosamumd her dead sister tightens, it also draws Beatrice closer to their mother, causing her to rethink her wedding engagement plans and even her career ambitions, because she now realizes she had entered into them for all the wrong reasons.

As this is my own copy I have crossed all of the swearing through with a black pen so that when it goes in the charity shop the next reader won’t be faced with it. It is one of those manipulative endings with a spoile so shocking that it completely detracts from the entire build-up of the book.

Such Devoted Sisters: PW Talks with Rosamund Lupton

Another reviewer described it as a “crime fiction novel for people who don’t like crime fiction” and I agree with that description.

Sister is written in a way that I’ve never read before: Grief is love turned into an eternal missing. View all 14 comments. Oct 02, Stephanie Stepping out of the Page rated it really liked it Shelves: Danmark February 15, at I got through this one in an evening or two, and found it by turns touching, humorous and, indeed, surprisingly creepy.


The story ends with the killer, William Saunders, drugging Bee and locking her in the same restroom in which he had killed her sister. As she investigates and grieves, Bee learns not only what happened to Tess and why, but gains insight into how she, her sister, and their mother dealt with the losses of their childhood.

April – Literazzi Book Club. The trial in which her sister had been involved had been hijacked by this doctor to study an IQ gene in humans; problems occurred and he had to get rid of the evidence, which was Tess. Highly recommended if you like things a bit different. The novel is written in a very clever style, and it took me a couple of chapters to figure get the jist of it. The author’s writing style is easy to read and her creativity flows from each page.

Jan 02, Mario rated it siister was amazing Shelves: Because I did not like this book, I would hesitate to read another by this author, but may give her another try. Well, this book surprised the hell out of me.

I was seriously relieved when the “gasp” ending at least revealed the name “Mr.

The blurb does not do the book justice and from what I read on the cover, it was certainly not what I expected. Bess constantly uses the rosamunf you. But it is what it is. Within a few days, Tess’ body was found in an old public restroom in Hyde Park; her wrists had been slashed. Thank you for visiting Publishers Weekly. Want to Read saving…. It keeps you wondering just how unraveled Bee is going to become and wondering what really happened to Tess.

sisyer Her flighty artistic kid sister who in her own condescending and slightly superior fashion she deeply loved. February 16, at 4: September 26, at 9: All the while Bee claims she’s saying and doing things her sister would never believe because Bee herself is so different now.

I was absorbed by it, confused, compelled. Jodi Picoult fans – it’s different but similar. The use of language was beautiful, and the narrative structure irresistible. She references being ill and says she will explain later but, unless I somehow missed it, I don’t remember the explanation other than the paranoia This is, until you get the hang of it, very confusing. I also hated the complicated narrative voice which the book uses.


Sister by Rosamund Lupton

Unlike what the synopsis might indicate – and although Bee does attempt to uncover her sister’s killer, even when those around her doubt she had even been murdered, Sister, is first and foremost about the unshakeable bond between Bee and Tess and how it gives Bee the uncharaceteristic tenacity bordering on madness at a deep personal cost. So she embarks on a dangerous journey to discover the truth, no matter the cost.

roswmund The twists and turns are what make this book – especially the great twists at the end, where what you think is changed dramatically at the turn of each page. Newer Post Older Post Home. Be still my beating heart. It might just end up being one of your favorite books, like it was the case with me.

Follow Roaamund on Facebook. From the first page, I was plunged into Bee’s rosamunf and rage over her sister’s death. The structure only reinforces the repetitiveness of the narrative, and spends far, far too much time detailing Beatrice’s coming and goings She’s in transition.

Search this blog Search for: I would recommend this book, even more so if you want to try and find my slightly edited copy in a used book store local to Banbury in England My only gripe is the ending — as so often in books, I wanted more.

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What relationships will your next novel explore? Chapters Fifteen and Sixteen. They all left me with no feeling toward them. This section contains words approx. The art of the book comes from how it draws you in from the fundamental perspective of the bonds between sisters.

Therefore, it llot difficult to like the book.