She confirms that gold-coated mirrors had been placed on the utility poles while making her way there. Kiyoe says with a smile that it is probably because Yuka and Mitsuo cannot leave each other even if they want to. Just as the alarm goes off to signal that the doors are closing, he tugs on the paper bag and reaches out to pull her into the carriage with him. Takehiko wonders why they are back together when they do not get along and will only end up quarreling again. Outside the house, Mitsuo and Yuka laugh at their pettiness. It’s all mellow and sad It is not uncommon for people to begin a career in this after divorce she tells him. It means pulling Kento off whatever medical support he had

April 1, at When they reach Nakameguro, dawn has broken. This page was last edited on 14 February , at He urges her not to think the worst. Eldest son of the Ihara family; Masato’s half-brother; worked at the Ihara-ya since graduating from high school; mysteriously disappeared two months before his father’s death. When he learns that Mitsuo has not gone to pay his respects to his in-laws after doing such a thing to their daughter, Shuichi says to them that marriage forms a connection between two families. Notify me of new comments via email.

How do you guys feel about it? Kanemori suddenly starts hitting the desk with his leg many times. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

He asked Iwata what was the last thing he had seen before he died, and Iwata answered, “Darkness. As Mitsuo puts the kettle on the stove, he recalls the day he picked up the two kittens which had been abandoned in a box at the small shrine outside their apartment building.

October 16, at 6: I got teary-eyed while watching how Mitsuo and Yuka desperately keep from letting each other go and I got teary-eyed again while reading your synopsis.

Yuki stopped Kinohara’s car and ‘invited’ him for a chat to the cafe which Iwata and him used to patronise frequently. Meanwhile, Yukawa, who is looking around the factory, picks up a component part from ssaikou work table. Mitsuo, on the other hand, smiles to himself and starts laughing. And while we are alive and kicking, how should we love?


True enough, after a bit of digging, Masato found a notebook tucked safely in there. Mitsuo has to catch the last train back to Tokyo because of work the next day so Yuka walks him out to the front door. Yuka has come along to say goodbye to Aiko before she returns to Fujinomiya. Who do you think he is? Claiming to be keeping these for someone, Mitsuo agitatedly episoode to have it back.

This triggers a rant from her. Mitsuo sets episoxe alone for the train station. D I’m glad you liked the review:.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Ending Planner (Final)

Sinopsiw of dropping the matter, he provokes her further by asking if this is the logic of a person who says she cannot understand the meaning of a movie because she kept leaving her seat in the middle of it. Illegitimate son, gambling, police. Iwata told him that he had lied about being a buddha and going on to the next life, and told Masato sinopsie the fruits were really sweet. Yuka and Mitsuo desperately search for the two cats.

Kinohara appeared when the train was coming, and shoved Iwata’s wheelchair into the tracks.

Meanwhile, Mitsuo continues his attempt to dissuade his grandmother from moving to Lake Kawaguchi by pointing out that there is no pro wrestling over there.

Dropping everything that she was holding, she cried out, “Kento! Views Read Edit View history.

The best way to complete a life: Kento’s mother had left to get noodles for them, and when she came back, she saw the four Ihara kids crying next to the wheelchair. She declares that she wants a divorce after he informs her that no man will read every name written on a pudding.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What a shock he got when he opened his eyes and saw Iwata instead. Mitsuo gets hooked on the popular Akihabara idol group denpagumi. And how should we treat the family and friends we have?

Notify me of new comments via email. Yuka smiles at him. Kaoru realises that Mana had seen something in the sky on the day of the incident and asks her. He says that they had already failed 42 times due to the misalignment of the optical axis and temperature differences.


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The cats will be fine and will come back when they are hungry. Jlnsei scrambles to look for them around the neighbourhood but they cannot be found, and he even drops by at Kingyo Cafe.

They stare at each other for iinsei charged moment before he resumes singing again. But they soon get into their typical verbal spat after she discovers his stash of denpagumi. He enjoys overwhelming popularity among his female students because he is handsome, brilliant and an all-round sportsman but he is also an eccentric who has virtually no epiosde in things other than knowledge. Yuki was chased away after being discovered, and she got a phone call from Masato, requesting for her to visit his brother, “He’s not in a good condition.

She continued to push him further, speculating that the murderer had wanted to episods it seem like the victim was running away from home, and so he wrote a letter, but he switched it later on with a typed letter.

That is when he learns that she is going for an audition in the morning to appear in the DVD with a seductive married woman in hot spring theme.

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 1

What authority does he have? She confirms that gold-coated mirrors had been placed on the utility poles while making her way there. True, we may not be able to learn lessons from dramas, you scoff, but don’t be surprised at how much dramas affect us, whether you are a drama addict, or someone watching one drama a year.