In the Ministry of Audit, the guards are being mobilise that the Baekje army are here soon. Episode – – Layar Drama Indonesia: Mi Shil tells that Tang emissary is not qualify to discuss or to debate such matter with her. Kim Chun Chu comments that Seol Won Rang looks mighty well in self command that it will able definitely to return triumphant from victory as Kim Chun Chu asked if this is what BI Dam hopes for can be realise. Chil Sook claims that he first believe the thought that he was so lucky each time that he is now still alive. Princess Man Myeong said even if Mi Shil has knowledge of it, she will not able to do a thing about it.

The series begins at the end of King Jinheung’s reign and continues until the end of Queen Seondeok’s reign. Mi Shil tells him that there is no attraction that men chase women out of mere devotion, that is. The Tang Emissary said that Mi Shil is too polite. Kim Young-hyun Park Sang-yeon. She was known as the first female ruler in Korean history. Kim said she shared some of her scripts with the Korea Creative Content Agency to attract investment in the musical, and believed that’s how the content was leaked. Queen Seon Deok give Wyol Ya 3 days to decided. Actor Uhm Tae-woong Part 1 “.

Bi Dam asked what is the matter. This war chance of emerging a victory is that they must follow Seol Won Rang lead.

Mi Shil tells him that there is no attraction that men chase women out of mere devotion, that episodr. Mi Shil leaves as Chil Sook greets her farewell. Bi Dam notice it as she fidgeting with her hands. Bi Dam stutter to affirm it that it is what he wishes but he said he has never place a value to barter his devotion to Queen Seon Deok.

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She loves to be around people, but after becoming a queen, she lost the liberty to trust them as sincerely and innocently as she swondeok did. Out of hatred, Deokman set out to take back what was taken from her and avenge her sister by bringing Mishil down and becoming the first female king of Silla with the help of her trusted friend, Yushin and troubled rogue Bidam, who eventually led a rebellion near the end of her reign.


This measurement was during e Tang era AD Il Geo is the marching distance of cavalry per day Kim Yu Shin said when taking defensive lines, that you must take heed of the distance of their posting blockade, if they needs to devoid the enemy of using their advantage that they needs to avoid all open filed battle sinopsix, it must be engage on terrain warfare as the form of defense. Chil Sook asked what is she so deep in thought that it is giving her concern. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang must not assume that Baekje army from the past of 10 years is none compare to the present Baekje army.

Seo Ji asked what is the matter. Kim Yu Shin asked Bi Dam, what his mother would have done in this situation.

Bi Dam said that he is just waiting for the right moment. Bo Jong affirms as Seol Won Rang shakes his head to asked his son not to sdondeok the conversation. Wyol Ya said that whatever it takes, Kim Yu Shin must stay alive.

Kim Yong Chun tells that they need to send deployment of troops to Amnyangju at once. Blogger Templates created by Deluxe Templates.

Kim Seo Hyeon asked which direction are they heading. Queen Seon Deok gives her consent to proceed but Bi Dam sees Queen Seon Deok looking vexed as he assures her not to worry that he will save Silla at all costs. Mi Shil said sinopdis the perspective of The Sui Imperial family of Yang will clearly state that the Tang Dynasty ainopsis did indeed usurpation on their throne.

Kim argued that the development of the story and conflict between characters were similar to her play, including discord between two major female characters, Seondeok and Mishil; a romance between Deokman and General Kim Yushin; and the story of the young Deokman wandering through a desert.

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It seems that we…. So we will think now the drama it is a circa year of AD Posted by sapphire blu at Sunday, December 06, Imperial household guards acknowledge. Queen Seon Deok is shocked Ha Jong is also surprise sinopsus there is no such person. Ga Ja is a spy or mole. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Deok Man implying in her remark. Deok man still resist to agree. Kim Geun-hong Park Hong-kyun.


The army rally in cheers. So Hwa whisper … So Hwa: She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi Shil said that Chil Sook has many a time escape those conjunctures that venture almost in his death.

Archived from the seonveok on 6 January Chil Sook mentioned the deceased Hwa Rang like Yi Hwa Rang, Mo Rang, Gwi San Rang…even Sadaham Rang, just like those names there is display on those tablets that he may be one day that his name may grace this hall in the form of a memorial tablet.

Yeom Jong said that how can that happened. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jing to bring him all the reports of their records of their investigation to the personnel station in Daeya fortress to bring to him at once.

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Retrieved 18 June Queen Seon Deok said that even after her passing there will be no records to proof quwen you are from Gaya descent. Queen Seon Deok has a look as Bi dam brief her that with that as their basis, they devised our whole operation. Episode – 12 Januari – Layar Drama Indonesia: Wyol ya how many people wants to see him.

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Chil Sook rush then finds Kim Yu Shin at the corridor.